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Officer Duties

            - Presides over S.W.E.A. club activities.
            - Runs weekly club meetings.
            - Represents the club as a whole.
            - Responsible for making sure all officers are performing their duties.
            - Has the right to veto any voting ideas.

Vice President

            - Assists the S.W.E.A. club president
            - Presides over weekly S.W.E.A. meetings in the absence of the club president.
            - Obtains ideas from members and pass them onto the S.W.E.A. president and S.W.E.A. club advisory.
            - Assumes official host duties with guest speakers.
            - Is involved in membership development by working closely with the membership chair.
            - Assumes the role and responsibilities of the president in the event that the acting president is no longer able to full-fill his/her duties.


            - Types up agendas for weekly S.W.E.A. meetings.
            - Records minutes for all meetings.
            - Keeps record of all important files (i.e. S.W.E.A. Handbook and Constitution).
            - Report pertinent information to S.W.E.A. officers who were absent from meetings.
            - Record names of officers and club member who are present at weekly meetings.
            - Calls attention to, the S.W.E.A. president, any unfinished business from past meetings.

            - Keeps record of all club money and receipts.
            - Attends Funds Council meetings.
            - Informs the Senator of any money requests needed by the club.

            - Attend Club Senate meetings.
            - Responsible for voting on issues.
            - Relays information from the Club Senate to S.W.E.A.
            - Requests funds for S.W.E.A.
            - Check club mailbox.

Alternate Senator:
            - Works with the senator on any necessary club duties.
            - Performs senator duties in the absence of the club senator.
            - Takes over senator duties and responsibilities when the senator is no longer able to full fill his or her duties.

Membership Chair:
            - Maintains personal contact information for all S.W.E.A. club officers and club members.
            - Develops and club member information sheet, and keeps records updated.
            - Handles all S.W.E.A. membership applications.
            - Informs S.W.E.A. members of any events and activities that should be brought to attention.

Student Information Coordinator:
            - Promotes membership for S.W.E.A.
            - Keeps education students informed on the events and activities occurring with S.W.E.A.
            - Keeps club bulletin board updated.

Activity Coordinator
            - Coordinates club activities and events.
            - Helps to keep education students informed on the occurring events of S.W.E.A.         

Public Relations:
            - Helps to keep club bulletin board updated.
            - Announces club activities.
            - Helps to create club awareness among education students.

            - Maintains Alumni Relations.
            - Creates and distributes club newsletters.
            - Takes club pictures for S.W.E.A. newsletters and web page.

Fundraising Officer:
            - Plans and Organizes fundraising events for S.W.E.A.
            - Works with the club treasuerer with earned and needed funds.
            - Kepps contacts with local organizations for service.