Student Washington Education Association

Mission Statement: The mission of the Student Washington Education Association is to make public education the best it can be for student, teachers, staff, and communities as a whole.

What is S.W.E.A?
    -  The Student Washington Education Association is a professional association for students pursuing a degree in the field of education.

What is the Purpose of S.W.E.A?
    -  The purpose of the Student Washington Education Association is to provide learning opportunities that address student needs, represent student interests,
build and sustain association and institutional relationships, link student with the association and their profession, and provide student teaching liability             insurance through W.E.A.

S.W.E.A. Benefits:
    -   Among the MANY benefits of joining the Student Washington Education Association are the following:

     -   Professional Development 
     -   Leadership Opportunities
     -   $1 Million in Liability Insurance
     -   Paid Travel Opportunities
     -   Representation
     -   Professional Networking
     -   Monthly Publications

S.W.E.A. Advisory and Club Officers:

    Advisor:  Dr. Sandra Wentworth       
 President: Kyla Folkestad
Vice President:  Ariel Albrecht
Secretary:  Katie House
Treasurer:  Garett Talcott
Senator:  Jesse Holsworth
Alternate Senator: Keeley Bradford
Membership Chair: Yazmin Rivera-Gomez
Student Information Coordinator:  Joey Johanson
Activities Coordinator: Rachel Brown
Public Relations: Meagan Wilson
Historian: VACANT
   Fundraising Officer: Brittany Thurlow  

S.W.E.A. Club Meetings:
Winter Quarter 2011:  TBD
For more Information:


     -  search SWEA CWU under Facebook pages

Application for Membership

Contact Information:
Black 204-24