Casa Latina


Casa Latina, an interdivisional collaboration uniting students, faculty, and staff, is a multicultural Living Learning Community (LLC) that welcomes all students who share an interest in Latina/o heritage and culture. Casa Latina will:

Provide a common academic experience through the Latino and Latin American studies program.

Create formal and informal activities that enrich students' academics and the University community.

Promote students' engagement with Latina/o populations and surrounding communities.

Transform Central Washington University into a culturally rich and receptive environment.
Your future is Central. Tu futuro es Central.

Students involved in this program will be enrolled in LLAS 102, An Introduction to Latino and Latin American Studies.

Programs students have been involved with include:

  • Creating Casa Latina t-shirts
  • Trips to various Latino cultural events
  • Attendance at various CWU cultural events
  • Activities involving Cinco De Mayo and Dia De Los Muertos

Faculty Advisors

Alejandro Lee, an assistant professor in Spanish, earned his doctoral degree in Hispanic Languages and Literatures and a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of California, Los Angeles. Among his areas of research are the Chinese diaspora in the Americas, paremiology and contemporary Spanish American literature.

Lois Breedlove, chair of the Communication Department and director of the Bridges Project, is an associate professor in journalism.  She was a founder of Casa Latina.  Her research interests include multicultural approaches to media and to media literacy.

Mike Ervin, associate professor in history and director of the Latino and Latin American Studies program. He was born on Long Island, grew up outside of Philadelphia, attended American University in Washington, D.C., and received his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. He only recently moved west and joined the History Department in the fall of 2002. His area of specialization is Latin America, especially Modern Mexican history. His work aims to tell the story of the middle class during the Mexican Revolution.

In the News

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