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Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

College of the Sciences

Women's History Month

Every April, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, sponsors a series of events for Women’s History Month, centered on a particular theme.  This year’s theme is Redefining Beauty, a critical examination of beauty ideals in recent Western culture and how they reflect and perpetuate culturally powerful judgments about gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and age. What impact do those ideals have on how we think of ourselves and others, how we live out our embodied lives, what we fear and desire, and how we spend our time and money? We also plan to explore alternatives to those ideals, by highlighting the proliferation of what counts as beautiful in our culture:  “radical” means both getting at the core of an issue and departing from the habitual, the expected, and the normal.

Note: We know that customarily Women’s History Month is March.  But the quarter system makes March a difficult month, with the end of Winter quarter, spring break, and the beginning of Spring quarter.  So we have begun the practice of taking over April.  Deal with it, Foot Health Awareness Month and Frog Month! (Nothing against feet or frogs, of course. We like both of those things.)





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