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Wildcat Printing


Finished Copies
The total number of books, sets, or pages, that the department wants to receive at the completion of the duplicating process.
20lb Bond
The standard multi-purpose paper used in copy machines, printers, fax machines, etc. The finish on this type of paper helps reduce paper dust.
A bound set. See Tape Bind and Spiral Bind for details on binding.
Heavier than normal papers. Ideal for post cards, business cards, etc.
The organization of a book or set in a particular order.
A heavier paper usually the cover of a book. Lighter weight paper is on the inside with the cover outside.
Classic Crest
A Classic Crest paper that is standard for CWU stationery.
The weight of a piece of paper. Standard: 20# bond Heavy: 80# cover
Carbonless paper used for forms having multiple copies.
More than one NCR set that is padded together.
Part Carbonless paper that is padded into sets according to the number (#) of sheets chosen per set. Also known as NCR set.
One Fold
A single fold of a piece of paper. Ideal for cards, invitations, etc.
A completed document ready for reproduction. 1 side = 1 original
Pieces of paper that are glued together (padded) usually at the top. These can be from 10 up to 250 sheets per pad.
Color Any other color besides black. All orders requesting colored ink must have a negative from Mari in Graphics Productions.
A collated group of papers. Can be from 2 pieces to any amount desired.
A single piece of paper.
Shrink Wrap
A designated amount of paper/books/sets that is wrapped and sealed in cellophane.
Coil Bind
A binding process in which the book is bound on the left side with a coil.
Tape Bind
A binding process in which a particular set of papers are bound with tape on the left.
Two Fold
A piece of paper that is folded twice. Ideal for brochures and letters.

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