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Central Washington University

Westerlies Wind Blows Through Central Washington University

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Westerlies perform at CWU

It wasn’t all that long ago when they were the students sitting in a classroom working on a dream, so the now 20-somethings tended to blend right in in the room of Central Washington University students Tuesday morning in room 150 at the music department.

Then all of a sudden a burst of creative genius would blow right in like a westerly trade wind and it became crystal clear as to who once stood on the same stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater where Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong touched the hearts and souls in 1959.

Yeah, school was in session. The CWU students, combining nervous with energy creative juices, sat ready to soak up the musical knowledge from The Westerlies, who picked up a thing or two under the mentorship of Wayne Horvitz at The Royal Room in Seattle a few years back.

“When you first walk in you’re not sure what to expect, but it’s pretty inspiring to hear and learn from professionals,” junior trombonist John Joy said. “I would say the biggest thing I learned today is to keep reaching, keep trying to find that creative element.”

The Seattle-born, New York-based, Westerlies have done workshops like this all over the country since forming in 2011. In fact, it was at The Westerlies Fest where they first met CWU saxophonist Shaina Ellis, whose band opened for them in their Ellensburg debut Monday night at the 420 Building.

“I’m from the Seattle area, so I had a chance to meet them last year,” Ellis said. “It means a lot to be able to work with them. They’re so generous with their time and willing to show ways to reach new creative heights.”

Photo Caption: The Westerlies perform for students at Central Washington University Tuesday. The Westerlies led a workshop for CWU students Tuesday, teaching improv skills  and passing along some of the knowledge the band members have acquired throughout school and touring. -Jake Green/Daily Record

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