Wellness Center
Phone (509) 963- 3213
Location; SURC 139

Health and Wellness Consultation and Coaching

Our staff takes pride in providing education, awareness, and preventative resources without judgement, and to students of all indentities and paths of life. 

Coaching topics can include but are not limited to: 

  • Stress Management/ Time Management
  • Substance Abuse/ Recovery Consultation
  • Body Image Consultation (This is not the same as therapy surrounding disordered eating.)
  • How to help a friend who may be experiencing mental health challenges
  • Violence Prevention and Response (For yourself or for how to help a friend)
  • Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships
  • Not sure how to start talking about your well-being? Schedule time with our professional staff to chat and we will happily help guide you to the correct resources! 

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