Wellness Center
Phone (509) 963- 3213
Location; SURC 139


CWU is a campus community that is free from interpersonal violence. 


Prevention, Advocacy, Training and Healing (PATH) educates the campus community and promotes active bystander intervention through a public health approach, while supporting and empowering survivors of interpersonal violence to remain academically and personally successful. 


P.A.T.H is a variety of services that can include confidential services for students who have experienced sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, or sexual assualt. 


The Wellness Center can also provide support to friends, partners, and family members of someone who has experienced violence. 

Title IX 

If you would like more information about Central Washington University's Title IX responsibilities, please visit the We Care Website


  • Emotional Support

    Seeking emotional support can be very helpful in the healing process. The following offices will help you understand process, work through what happened, and/or provide information about your options. 

    P.A.T.H - Prevention, Advocacy, Training, Healing

    Wellness Center - SURC 139 - (509) 963- 3213

    Provides consulation, emotional support, advocacy for accommodations, reporting options, and connection to both legal and medical services. 

    ASPEN - Off Campus Advocacy Services 

    220 West 4th Avenue - (509) 925 - 9384

    Provides 24 hour confidential advocacy along with support groups and legal and medical assistance. Can also connect you to counseling through Comprehensive Healthcare. 

    Student Counseling Services 

    Corner of 11th and Poplar St. - CWU Campus

    (509) 963 - 1391

    Provides CWU students with confidential individual counseling and crisis appointments. 


  • Medical Attention

    Seeking medical attention can be critical to assessing your overall health needs, adn collecting evidence  that could be used in legal proceedings. Staff at these facilities are sensitive to your needs and concerns. 

    Kittitas Valley Healthcare 

    603 S. Chestnut Street - (509) 962- 9841

    Provides healthcare including emergency contraception, treatment for injuries, STI's and pregnancy. A Sexual Assault Nurse (SANE) can complete a free rape kit assessment. ASPEN advocates (see emotional support) are available on call to accompany students. Open 24 hours. 

    Student Health Services

    Corner of 11th and Poplar Street - CWU Campus - (509) 962-1881

    Provides confidential healthcare including emergency contraceptive options and treatment for injuries and sexually transimitted infections. Open during regular business hours. 

  • Reporting Options

    You may choose to report an incident of sexual misconduct. You have options. You may file a complaint with the university and/or file a report with law enforcement. 

    Office of Student Rights & Responsibilites

    CWU Campus - Bouillon Hall 204 - (509) 963- 1817

    Investigates sexual misconduct compaints as a form of discrimination 

    Title IX (Nine) Coordinator

    CWU Campus - Mitchell Hll 101 - (509) 963-2206

    Provides information about CWU's compliance with Title IX and filing a cpmplaint with teh United States Department of Education. 

    Office of Equal Opportunity

    CWU Campus - Mitchell Hall 102 - (509) 963 - 2206

    Provides information about sexual misconduct and employment. If you have a complaint about an employee/ faculty member, you can contact OEO. 

    Law Enforcement

    CWU Police - 1211 N. Wildcat Way - 911 (Emergency) - (509) 925 - 8534 (Dispatch) 

    Ellensburg Police Department - 100 N. Pearl Street - 911 (Emergency) - (509) 925 - 8534 (Dispatch)

    Can take criminal reports and provide information on protection orders. Reports through law enforcement may result in criminal charges. 

  • Additional Information About Reports

    About protection orders: 

    An order of protection is an official court order that can stop someone from contacting or harassing you. For more information, contact P.A.T.H, ASPEN, or law enforcement. 

    About complaints:

    A complaint begins an investigation. Involved parties talk with investigators individually. Stuents can be provided with assistance needed during the investigation: 

    • modified campus living
    • modified academic classes / schedules
    • safety planning