Wellness Center
Phone (509) 963- 3213
Location: SURC 256


CWU is a healthy, engaged campus community where the people, programs, practices, policies and environment support well-being.


The Wellness Center promotes positive health behaviors and encourages social connections that support student success. We use health promotion theory and campaigns, programming, individual assessments and consultation, along with peer-to-peer outreach to improve the health of individual students and our campus. We provide support and education for life outside the classroom so you can maximize your time at CWU and build skills for the future.

Diversity Statement

We aim to empower all students by co-creating an inclusive community that respects and affirms the inherent dignity of all persons. Our unit strives for students to feel welcomed, seen, and valued in their identities. We dedicate ourselves to evaluating our practices, programs and physical spaces to ensure they are reflective of justice and equity, which we believe is essential to help foster a healthier campus. We believe diverse, accessible, inclusive environments and practices strengthen the health and wellness of our entire university community.


The CWU Wellness Center, represented by our professional and student staff reject racism and other “isms” and the toxic, hateful actions, thoughts, and words that it endorses. We recognize that discrimination, marginalization, intolerance, and injustice impact the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of individuals, communities, and our nation. Our world needs changing. The Wellness Center does not have all the answers to the issues at hand. We can offer change where our expertise lies and commit to this:

  • We commit to actively listening to all people of color to learn about their experiences and needs. We will listen and enact change based on those with lived experience in our community in a way that respects cultural, individual, and role differences.
  • We commit to directly addressing race, inequity and systemic foundations associated with health and wellness outcomes. We will evaluate our internal systems, programs, and resources to erase bias and harmful systems.
  • We commit to leaning into discomfort, rather than shying away from it, as we examine and dismantle the ways our privilege, processes, history, and institution oppress people of color. We will seek out topics that may cause discomfort and listen and learn with an open mind as we critically look inward at our own biases.
  • We commit to diversifying our staff, seeking representation for all forms of diversity. We will adjust our position descriptions, recruitment efforts, search processes and onboarding to welcome and encourage a diverse selection of applicants.
  • We commit to providing on-going education and development for our team and our campus professionals –learning about and teaching focused on multicultural competency to increase intellectual wellness and enable us to better support the wellness of all people.
  • Diversity includes disability, and therefore we will commit ourselves to ensuring our programs are accessible for all students and continue our learning about how to create our spaces and events accessible to all.

It’s okay to acknowledge the pain that we’re feeling, disconnect and take time to help and heal ourselves –to be effective advocates for change, we have to stay strong and protect our emotional health. We can care for ourselves without doing harm to others. We commit to working harder to remove the weight of the fight against racism from the shoulders of those it harms the most. We see our role in promoting justice, equity and tranquility to enable optimum health and wellbeing for ALL humans. We are listening, we are learning, and we are holding ourselves accountable.