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Frequently Asked Questions about Wellness

Report a Behavior Of Concern

Report a Suicide Concern

How to Report Sexual Assault

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or you are concerned for a friend, please call The Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK immediately. Crisis Text Line: Text  741741 when in crisis.  Available 24/7 in the USA.  A live trained counselor will receive the text and respond quickly.  Service is free of charge.  Cell phone plans with AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon  are free if texting to 741741.

Division of Health and Wellness Partners

CWU Student Health Services 

CWU Student Counseling Services 

Disability Student Services


Case Management 

Dean of Student Success

  • What does the Wellness Center provide to students?

    The Wellness Center provides education centered around the 9 dimensions of wellness. Current topic areas we are prioritizing include: 

    • Mental Health Awareness
    • Alcohol
    • Cannabis/ Tobacco/ Other Drugs
    • Violence Prevention 
    • Sexual Health
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Nutrition/ Body Image / Physical Activity

    Our professional staff can also provide wellness coaching/ consultation regarding topics like sleep, stress and time management, recovery planning, and how to help a peer who has experienced violence. 

    The Wellness Center is the home for PATH (Prevention, Advocacy, Training, and Healing) for students who have experienced interpersonal violence. For more information about PATH, please visit our website.

  • What do Wellness Center services cost?

    As a CWU student, a Wellness Fee of $18 per quarter is assessed. This fee goes directly back to students and provides for: 

    • 20 Condoms for each student each quarter
    • Sexual assault prevention programming and resources
    • Individualized wellness coaching and consultation 
    • A safe space to ask questions about health and wellbeing without judgement or stigma
    • Late night large scale events (Late Night Carnival, Condom Fashion Show, Rock Against Rape)
    • Other programs like The Great American Smokeout, The EveryBody Project, Mindful Mondays, Cannabis Corner, Cooking 101 and more! 
  • I am feeling sick, where can I see a doctor?

    CWU Student Health Services can assist you with scheduling an appointment with their medical providers that are located on the Ellensburg campus. You can also ask them about virtual and telehealth options. 

  • I need my latest immunizations and vaccines, how do I get those?

    CWU Student Health Services can assist students with updating and receiving vaccinations. 

  • I am seeking out a mental health counselor, where can I go?

    CWU Student Counseling Services fees are included with your enrollment, so all students have access to our on-campus counselors and mental health providers while they attend CWU. During Fall 2020, most counseling services will be provided virtually. This allows access for enrolled students no matter where they're located.

  • Where can I get free condoms on campus?

    The Wellness Center provides 20 free condoms upon request to every student, every quarter. We offer standard lubricated condoms, non-latex condoms, large sized condoms, oral dams, internal condoms, and condom-compatible lubricant. 

    You can order condoms online for pickup, visit our online ordering form. 

  • I am considering beginning / changing a birth control method, who do I talk to?

    Here at the Wellness Center, our professional staff team can provide education about different forms of birth control and contraception options. However, we do not staff medical providers and cannot prescribe hormonal contraception. These services are provided by the Student Health Services on campus. You can learn more about services and scheduling by visiting the Student Health Services website.  

  • I have experienced sexual assault, who can I talk to?

    All professional staff in the Wellness Center are trained to provide advocacy and support following sexual assault or other forms of interpersonal violence. We are also home to P.A.T.H., or Prevention, Advocacy, Training and Healing for sexual and other power-based personal violence. Our office provides confidential support for survivors who experience assualt, abuse, harassment, or stalking. Our office can outline reporting options, offer emotional support and many other advocacy options. For more detailed information, visit the PATH website. 

  • I am in recovery or am looking into recovery from substance abuse, who can I talk to?

    In the Wellness Center, we have professional staff who have knowledge and resources to help you get on the right track for you towards recovery. We provide judgement-free and confidential consultations to students.

    Are you worried about a friend, partner, parent, or peer? We can help you feel confident about helping the people you care about also. For more information or scheduling, contact us at 

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