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Alcohol and Marijuana Electronic Check-Up To Go

What is E-CheckUpToGo?

E-CheckUpToGo is an interactive web survey that allows college and university students to enter information about their drinking patterns and marijuana use, and receive feedback about their use of both. Each program will require approximately 20-25 minutes to complete; each one needs to be finished in one sitting. You cannot exit the program then get back in to finish; if you leave the survey, you will need to start over. First-year students will complete one program first, and then return to this page to access the second program. Your responses to the questions are completely confidential, and we will only be able to see that you completed the program.

Prime for Life (PFL) students only need to complete the Alcohol e-CheckUpToGo. Save your confirmation ID number, and make sure you allow enough time to complete the survey. When you get to the end, you need to click on the red Verification button to confirm completion of the assessment, as that is part of your PFL requirement. Part of your PFL sanction requires that your instructor reviews your feedback with you.

What does it do?

When you access the Alcohol and Marijuana e-CheckUpToGo programs, you are prompted to enter information about yourself. In addition to demographic information, it will ask you to enter information about your drinking habits (alcohol program), smoking habits (marijuana program), and family history. After all information has been entered, you need to click on the “verify completion” button. University administrators will then receive confirmation that you have completed the program.

The Alcohol and Marijuana e-CheckUpToGo programs calculate a number of variables and compare your responses to national and local college norms. Then, your personalized feedback is displayed in an easy-to-read format. It’s important that you read your personalized feedback!

What do I need to complete the Alcohol or Marijuana

You need:

  1. A computer
  2. Internet access
  3. A JavaScript enabled Internet Browser
  4. About 20-25 minutes (complete program and review feedback)
  5. A printer (to print the feedback)

*When you follow each of the links below, be sure to write down the 12-digit access code first or print out the page with your confirmation ID number. You will need this information later for proof of completion. First-year students will complete one program first, and then return to this page to access the second program.

Alcohol e-CHECKUP TO GO: Click HERE
Marijuana e-CHECKUP TO GO: Click HERE