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Wellness Center

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Wellness Center

Prevention Education & Wellness Promotion

SURC, Room 139 -- Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 7 PM
Phone: (509) 963-3213 



Marissa Howat's Picture Marissa Howat, MEd, MCHES
(509) 963-3233
Doug Fulp's Picture Doug Fulp, MEd
Assistant Director
(509) 963-3240
Kristen Perry's Picture

Kristen Perry, MS
Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator
(509) 963-3214

Health Education Coordintor
(509) 963-3213
Office Assistant III
(509) 963-3213
Peer Health Educators  


Mental Health Management


Alcohol Education



Violence Prevention Education



Sexual Health Education



Marijuana, Tobacco, and Other Drug Education



Nutrition, Body Image, and Physical Activity Education



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