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Wellness Center

Alcohol Skills Training Program

Alcohol Skills Training Program is an eight-hour educational curriculum that focuses on the prevention of alcohol related health, impairment and addiction problems. The Alcohol Skills Training Program curriculum was developed for a higher education student population. It uses research-based data and theories of prevention and evaluation of risk factors in the development of alcohol related problems. The class is designed to help students assess their drinking choices, reduce the high-risk choices they make, and maximize their low-risk choices through knowledge.  It uses a lifestyle risk reduction model, based on research. 

Participants review historical theories as well as the current research based concepts of predicting risk for alcohol problems. Individual genetic and biological risks will be introduced, along with corresponding low-risk quantity and frequency alcohol consumption guidelines.

All participants will receive information of strategies for assessing their personal health and genetic risks as well as for reducing of their alcohol consumption to lower risk, if indicated by the research.

Staffing for the delivery of the Alcohol Skills Training Program curriculum is a collaborative project between the Wellness Center and University Housing and New Student Programs.

Local authorities are invited to use this educational programs a part of sentencing and recommendations for services.

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