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Wellness Center

About Student Wellness Center

Our Vision

CWU is a healthy, engaged campus community where the people, programs, practices, policies and environment support well-being.

Our Mission

The CWU Wellness Center supports well-being by promoting positive health behaviors, providing comprehensive advocacy and response, and collaborating to create a healthy campus community.

Would you like to know more about health literacy?

Here is a resource about health literacy and its importance:


Our Priority Areas

Using data and feedback from our students, the Wellness Center addresses issues that are important to our students. We promote positive health behaviors, prevent negative consequences associated with high-risk behavior, and encourage the social connections that support student success. The topic areas we are currently prioritizing are:

  • Alcohol, marijuana and other drugs
  • Sexual health
  • Violence prevention
  • Nutrition and physical activity
  • Positive mental health and resiliency 
  • Recovery support
  • Positive body image and eating disorder prevention
  • Sleep 

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