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Wellness Center

About Student Wellness Center

Our Vision

CWU is a healthy, engaged campus community where the people, programs, practices, policies and environment support well-being.

Our Mission

The CWU Wellness Center supports well-being by promoting positive health behaviors, providing comprehensive advocacy and response, and collaborating to create a healthy campus community.

Would you like to know more about health literacy?

Here is a resource about health literacy and its importance:


Our Priority Areas

Using data and feedback from our students, the Wellness Center addresses issues that are important to our students. We promote positive health behaviors, prevent negative consequences associated with high-risk behavior, and encourage the social connections that support student success. The topic areas we are currently prioritizing are:

  • Alcohol, cannabis and other drug risk reduction
  • Sexual health education, including STI and pregnancy prevention
  • Violence prevention; consent, healthy relationship support and bystander intervention training
  • Nutrition and physical activity
  • Positive mental health and resiliency 
  • Recovery support for those who have experienced a substance use disorder
  • Positive body image and eating disorder prevention
  • Sleep hygeine and support strategies

The Wellness Center is commited

The CWU Wellness Center, represented by our professional and student staff, stand in solidarity of all who seek justice for the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless other African Americans, and other people of color; and for the institutionalized racism and acts of injustice that have led up to this rightful outrage throughout our country. These blatant forms of racism, implicit bias, and racialized violence have a taxing effect on our students, facultyand staff of color. We reject white supremacy and the toxic, hateful actions, thoughts and words that it endorses. We recognize that intolerance, discrimination, marginalization and injustice impact physical, mental and emotional wellness of individuals,communities and our nation. Our world needs changing. The Wellness Center does not have all the answers to the issues at hand. We can offer change where our expertise lies and commit to this:

  • We commit to actively listening to all people of color to learn about their experiences and needs.We will seek guidance from Black civil rights thought-leaders and experts, and those in our community with lived experiences.
  • We commit to directly addressing race, inequity and associated health and wellness outcomes. We will evaluate our internal systems, programs and resources.
  • We commit to leaning into discomfort, rather than shying away from it, as we examine and dismantle the ways our privilege, processes, history and institutions oppress people of color.We will start at home –identifying where we must initiate uncomfortable conversations with friends and family, after engaging in critical self-reflection and analysis of racist and other harmful, phobic thoughts, feelings, biases and actions we have held or engaged in.
  • We commit to diversifying our staff; seeking representation for all forms of diversity. We will adjust our position descriptions, recruitment efforts, search processes and onboarding to not only welcome, but directly target and prioritize people of color.
  • We commit to providing on-going education and development for our team and our campus professionals –learning about and teaching focused on multicultural competency to increase intellectual wellness and enable us to better support the wellness of all people.

We all have a lot we can learn together from this moment. It’s also okay to acknowledge the pain that we’re feeling, disconnect and take time to help and heal ourselves –to be effective advocates for change, we have to stay strong and protect our emotional health. We can care for ourselves without doing harm to others. We commit to working harder to remove the weight of the fight against racism from the shoulders of those it harms the most. We see our role in promoting justice, equity and tranquility to enable optimum health and wellbeing for ALL humans. We are listening, we are learning and we are holding ourselves accountable.

We are ready to get to work.

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