Wellness Center
Phone (509) 963- 3213
Location: SURC 256

The Office of Wellness and Health Promotion

The CWU Wellness Center Office provides education, awareness, and health promotion for CWU students around the Dimensions of Wellbeing. Our main focus areas are Mental Health Education and Help Seeking Behaviors, Substance Misuse Prevention and Recovery Support, and Sexual Assault Response and Violence Prevention. Our professional staff can provide direct consultation for students with needs in these areas. At the Wellness Center, our staff takes pride in continuing to educate ourselves as well as the CWU community to provide the best and most equitable service to all. The Wellness Center is a proud partner of the Division of Health and Wellness.

Welcome future Wildcats and support networks!

We are so excited to have you take your first steps this summer as a CWU Wildcat! The Wellness Center is the place where you can learn more about supporting your own or someone you know's health and well-being! Check out some of our resources to learn more:

Welcome Home, Wildcats! Newsletter

CWU Familty and Support Networks Resource Guide for Supporting Healthy College Students

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Resources for Residence Life Staff

The Wellness Center provides free media packages for Residence Life staff to display on our campus' halls! Check out our Resources Page to download the complete media packages.