Mandatory Reporting Responsibilities

Under the Office of Civil Rights, a responsible employee is any employee:

  • who has the authority to take action to redress sexual harassment/misconduct;

  • who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sexual harassment/misconduct or any other misconduct by students to the Title IX coordinator or other appropriate designee; or
  • who a student reasonably believes has this authority or duty.

All professional staff and faculty members of Central Washington University are responsible employees, unless they are designated as a confidential resource. This means that if an instance of sexual misconduct is brought to their attention, they must inform their supervisor, the Title IX Coordinator, or contact the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities directly or through a Behaviors of Concern report, so that the University may take appropriate action to end the misconduct or hostile environment.

Central Washington University requires all staff and faculty to take a training titled Treating People with Dignity and Respect every 3 years. This training incorporates being a responsible employee. To take this training, visit the Central Learning Academy.

Confidentiality Brochure - 2020

Questions? Please contact:

■ Thomas Pedersen, Interim Title IX Coordinator (; 509-963-2031); or

■ Marissa Howat, Director, Wellness Center (; 509-963-3233)