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This section assumes you have already created a Fieldset.

Select Edit on a Fieldset.

Under Display, select Private. Using this selection, every component in the Fieldset will not appear to the user. This is useful for editing submissions with "FOR OFFICE USE ONLY" sections.

Fieldset Display options

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This is used useful for creating surveys.

Step 1: Select the Grid component type.

Component Type

Step 2: Add a Label to the Grid

Grid Label

Step 3: Select Add

Step 4: Add Column Headers

Step 5: Add Row Headers

Step 6: Select Save component

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This component is for letting users upload documents to their submission.

Step 1: Select the File component type.

Component Type

Step 2: Add a Label to the File.

File Label

Step 3: Select Add

Step 4: Select your allowed file extensions

File Extensions

Do not allow extensions you are not expecting. Avoid html, xls, xlsx, xml, and all archive extensions.

Step 5: Select Save component

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Advanced Settings


Select Private to hide a component from the user.

Private Selection

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Add a Conditional

From the Webform tab, select Conditionals.

Step 1: Click on the plus (+) button.

Condition Addition

Step 2: Select the condition to check for.


You may use Date, Time, Grid, and ideally, Select Options for this.

Step 3: Select the comparing element.


Step 4: Select the value.


Step 5: Select the resultant.


Step 6: Select the resultant action element.


Step 7: Choose what happens when the condition is met.


You may use the plus and minus buttons to add and take away conditions.

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Form Validations

From the Webform tab, select Form validation.

Explinations for each of these are provided on screen. If you have questions about how to use a validation rule, please contact the Web Team.

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E-mail Settings

Advanced Rules

From the Webform tab, select E-mails. This section assumes you've already created E-mail rules.

Step 1: Select Edit on a rule.

Step 2: Under "E-mail to address', select Component.

Email rule options

Step 3: Select the desired component type. This is normally a Select Options.

Email rule component selection

Step 4: For each option, enter an E-mail address.

Email rule component values

Step 5: Select Save component

In the above example, the E-mail will be sent to Mary if Costumes is selected, and David if Props is selected.

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