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Create an Image Gallery

Step 1: Select Add Content from the Right-Navigation menu.

Add Content

Step 2: Select Image Gallery from the Submenu.

Image Gallery

Step 3: Enter a name for your image gallery in the Title field.

Step 4: Click on the Browse button in the Add a new file field.


Step 5: Navigate to the location where your image is located. Select your image and click the Open button.

Step 6: Click on the Upload button.

Step 7: Enter a description for your image in the File information Title field. This text will be displayed when users hover over the image.


Step 8: Click on Show row weights.

Step 9: Under the Weight category, you may optionally specify the order that your image will appear during the image gallery slide show (The lower numbers will be displayed before the higher numbers). You may also delete images from the gallery by clicking on the Remove button.

Weight Section

Step 10: Repeat steps 4-9 to include additional images to your image gallery.

Step 11: When you have finished uploading images, click on the Save button. You may also click on the Preview button to review your image gallery.

Step 12: The following image shows an example of the published Image Gallery. You may click on the Edit tab to add new images or delete the gallery.

Published Image Gallery

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Revision Information: This setting provides a revision log. Using the revision log allows you to leave messages saying what you changed.

Revision Log

URL Path Settings: Your Page name is by default set to generate its web address according to the page title. If you wish to provide a specific web address for your page, enter it here. Use care to not use a path name already in use. If you receive an error or need assistance, contact the Web Team.

URL Path Settings

In this example, the basic page would have a new web address of[department name]/Graduation.

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