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Create an Event

Step 1: Click on Add content in the Right-Navigation menu

Navigation Menu

Step 2: Click on Event (Calendar) in the submenu.

Event Calendar

Step 3: Enter the Title of your event and enter teh Start Date and End Date.

Step 4: Select the Event Type from the menu.

Event Type List

Step 5: Select Global if you also want the event displayed on the Central Washington University home page calendar. Select I agree.

Step 6: Add a description of your event in the content editor.

Step 7: Select Full HTML from the drop-down menu.


Step 8: Click Save.

Step 9: Click on the day of the event you created in the calendar. The calendar is located on the right-side column of your departments web pages.

Step 10: Verify that your event is included on the specified day.

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Revision Information: This setting provides a revision log. Using the revision log allows you to leave messages saying what you changed.

Revision Log

URL Path Settings: Your Page name is by default set to generate its web address according to the page title. If you wish to provide a specific web address for your page, enter it here. Use care to not use a path name already in use. If you receive an error or need assistance, contact the Web Team.

URL Path Settings

In this example, the basic page would have a new web address of[department name]/Graduation.

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