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Revisions allow you to track differences between multiple versions of your content, and revert back to older versions.

Step 1: Navigate to the page you wish to revise.

Step 2: Click on Revisions.

Page Tabs

Step 3: You will now be presented with a list of your current published web page and all previous versions. You may click on the date to access a previous version and create changes. Make sure that you save and publish your web page to ensure that it is the current revision.

Revisions Tab

Reverting to a previous version

Step 4: Follow Steps 1-3 seen above. Select a previous version of the page.

Step 5: Select Revert to this and publish the page. This will create a new version of the page.

Revision Operations


Until a page is Published, it is not visible to the public.

Step 1: Navigate to the page you would like to publish.

Step 2: Select Publish under the Revisions tab.


Step 3: The Publish page will now appear. You may select to publish at a specified date and time, the default settings will publish immediately. When ready, click Publish.

Screenshot of Publish screen

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Unpublishing a page does not delete the page. It simply takes it out of public view.

Step 1: Navigate to the page you want to unpublish.

Step 2: Select the Revisions tab as seen above.

Step 3: Select Unpublish current revision.

Unpublish Options

Step 4: The Confirmation page will now appear. Select Unpublish again to complete the task.

Unpublish Confirmation

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Deleting a page is permanent. It is highly advised that you consider Unpublishing before deleting.

Deleting a Page

Step 1: Navigate to the page you wish to delete.

Step 2: Select Edit current.

Step 3: Select Delete. You will get one final confirmation page.

Delete Option

Deleting Archived

This will delete archived revisions of a page, but will not delete the currently published page.

Step 1: Navigate to the desired page.

Step 2: Select Revisions as seen above.

Step 3: Select Delete Archived. A final confirmation will be prompted.

Delete Archived Options

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Error Messages

There are a number of Error Messages that may occur. If you do not understand an Error Message or you need assistance, please contact the web office.

Infinite loop. This occurs when you change the title of page back to what it was orignally published as. Below are the steps that create the error. It is meant for demonstration purposes and does not fix the issue. If you run into this problem please contact the web office.

a. After you create a basic page a URL alias is also created. For example,

Title Section

The about us page, once saved and published, now connects to your department page as alias /about-us.

b. If you edit the current page, and change the title to About, making sure to save and publish.

Title Section

The URL alias changes to /about but a redirect is created so that users using the original alias of /about-us can still be redirected to the page.

c. Here is when the problem occurs. By selecting edit current, and changed the title back to About US making sure to save and publish, the infinite loop message will appear.

Infinite Loop Error

Because the page is still redirecting users to /about-us the redirect creates and infinite loop, directing users to the alias /about-us when /about-us is currently the title. Because most users do not have access to the URL alias, it is hard to tell if you are changing the title to something it is already set to.

Please contact the web office if you run into this problem.

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