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Enabling and Disabling Banners

Banner Images are disabled by default. If you want Banners to be Enabled or Disabled, contact the Web Team.

All images on CWU's website are subject to copyright compliance. For copyright information review copyright guidelines at CWU's brand website.

Creating a Banner Image

Step 1: Click on Add Content in the right-navigation menu

Add Content

Step 2: Select Featured Banner from the submenu.

Featured Banner

Step 3: Enter a name for your banner in the Title field.

Title Section

Step 4: Click on the Browse button next to the Image field.

Browse Button

Step 5: Navigate to the location on your computer where your banner image is stored. The image will be resized and cropped to 530x150. The anchor for the image is the center. Files must be less than 16 MB.
Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg. Select the image and click on the Open button.

Selection Screen

Step 6: Click on the Upload button.

Upload Button

Step 7: Enter a URL in the Link field. When the user clicks on the banner image, the specified webpage will be opened.

Link Section

Step 8: Added text in the Body section will display in the red square area of the banner once it is published.

Featured Banner Body

Step 9: Select Save.

The banner image will display on your website. To create a rotating image banner, follow the steps above and create a new image. The newly created image will be aded to the rotation.

Screenshot of a Rotating Banner

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For assistance with producing a Banner Image, submit a project request.

You may View, Edit or access Revisions of your banner image. You may also click on the Remove button and add a different image. Select Delete to permanently delete the image from your website.

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