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CWU's Website Content Review Package

The first step in preparing to move to the new 2019 Drupal theme is to reviewing every published page/node on your website.

The goals of this review are to:

  1. Separate relevant from irrelevant content.
  2. Optimize each page for Search Engines (SEO).

A successful review of your website includes deciding how to handle each one of the published pages/nodes. For each one, you must decide to:

  1. Delete the page/node
  2. Merge the page/node with a different page/node
  3. Keep the page/node as is
  4. Split up the page/node into two or more pages/nodes
  5. Rewrite the page/node

We have put together a package of documents and tools to help you with this task. The package includes:


Begin by reviewing the Best Practices document. Particular attention should be placed on page 5 of the document. These suggestions affect/apply to the majority of pages/nodes on (your website).


  • Short pages/nodes should be rewritten or merged
  • Long pages should be split into two or more to narrow the focus
  • Related pages/nodes and sections should be grouped under the same section of your site
  • Use the Web Content Audit - Tracking Sheet to ensure that the keywords that you want to optimize a particular page for, are included in the title of the page and within the content
  • You will start to notice that some pages stand-out when the keywords that you list in the spreadsheet are not found within the body or the title of the page.

The Best Practices document is NOT all inclusive. For best results perform your own SEO research or reach out to Public Affairs for additional assistance. Below are some helpful links to get you started.


Tentative Migration Roadmap and Timeline 2019-Drupal Theme Guide v1.0