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Summer Quarter Registration 2017

Summer has two sessions; a six and nine week session.  For the six week session you will only need 6 credits to be full time.  For the nine weeks session one will need to be registered for 9 credits to be full time.  Please remember all classes must meet degree requirements.

If you want to be full time and do a combination of the sessions one will need to register for at least 9 credits that run all the way through the 9 week session.  The reason is so when the 6 week session ends the VA will stop counting those credits for that class.  For example if someone was in 2 classes for a total of 9 credits and the six week session class ends which was worth 4 credits, for the remaining 3 weeks they are only at 5 credits which would put them at the half time rate.

There are also special sessions, like 4 week classes.  If these classes are 5 credit hours, then you most likely will be considered full time, but you will want to contact the VA to confirm that status – 1-888-442-4551.

Please remember to submit your schedule if you would like to utilize your benefits over the summer.

There is a separate application for Summer Financial Aid.

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