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Resources for Faculty & Staff

Kognito Training

The Veterans Center would like to bring awareness to a training that provides education on best practices when engaging with veterans and military-connected students. This training, which is considered an evidence-based health simulation, allows users to role-play and fine tune the way they talk with “virtual” student veterans. The training has been customized for CWU and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. CWU was one of two public higher education institutions in the state to initially offer this training, and has continuously since 2018. Please view the attached document for information on how to complete this training.

Information For Advisors

Part of our responsibilities as VA School Certifying Officials (SCO) is to ensure that a student's courses are being used to satisfy a degree requirement. This can include pre-reqs for a required course, courses required for a declared major or minor, or courses being used as open electives to reach the minimum number of credits to graduate. If we cannot determine when viewing a student's academic requirements or university catalog how a course is being applied as a degree requirement, we notify the student through email that we will need clarification on the course in question. In this email we request that the student contact their advisor who then emails our office a short explanation as to how the course is being used as a degree requirement.

Some common examples of reasons that the VA will not accept a course being certified are as follows:

  1. A course that is not required for the completion of a degree or program.
  2. A course that the student has already received credit and a passing grade for.
  3. A course that a student currently has an "I" grade in.

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