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University Advancement

Mission, Vision, Commitment, and UA Commitment


University Advancement (UA) exists to build a movement of greater community, connection, and capacity for Central Washington University–so that its mission can be more fully lived out (loud) in the lives of its students, faculty, alumni, donors, and friends.



Over the next five years, and through collaborative partnerships with campus and volunteer leadership, UA will plan, resource, and initiate a comprehensive alumni and donor engagement campaign that will position Central Washington University as the premier higher education experience in the West, as well as a first-choice recipient for the time, talent, and resource investments of our core constituents.



Realizing that how we accomplish our work together is as important as the end result, UA commits itself to being a forward-thinking, learning organization where first-class talent is recruited and retained within a highly collaborative culture that honors innovation, best practice, and the individual/collective strengths of UA team members, campus partners, and volunteers. We highlight some of these shared attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs within our University Advancement Commitment.


University Advancement Commitment

This signature moment in CWU’s history demands that each member of the UA team possess and exhibit:


  1. A deep sense of calling and personal responsibility to the University Advancement mission and vision.
  2. An attitude of graciousness and hospitality toward all constituents (internal and external) at all times.
  3. An excitement and enthusiasm in confronting challenges and achieving never before realized goals.
  4. A spirit of humility that values the needs and perspective of others before the needs and perspective of self.
  5. A tenacity of hopefulness that actively pursues the initiatives necessary to make possible what was once thought impossible, to bring proactive solutions to identified problems.
  6. A persistence toward believing the best in people, their intentions, and motivations.
  7. A resistance toward creating unnecessary conflict, conspiracy, or suspicion that only creates division, negativity, and a progress-stifling work environment.
  8. An openness to speaking and hearing truth within an environment of collaboration and civility.
  9. A demonstrated desire to pursue excellence in all aspects of one’s work as an act of stewardship in advancing CWU’s transformational work in the lives of students, alumni, friends, and donors around the world.


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