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CWU Actuarial Science Alumni Spotlighted

The profession of actuary has been named the best job for 2013 by CareerCast, one of the Internet's premier career sites. For more than two decades, Central Washington University has been the only institution in Washington--and one of only three in the Pacific Northwes--that offers a bachelor’s of science degree in actuarial science.

Graham and Vicky Dyer, two recent graduates of CWU's Actuarial Science program were recently interviewed by Value Penguin, a consumer finance website.

"For the next part in our Future of Actuarials series, we were lucky enough to speak with not one, but two actuarial students from Central Washington University. What's even cooler is that they're married! Graham and Vicky Dyer are both products of CWU's esteemed actuarial program and recently sat down with us to discuss all things actuary.

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Graham graduated CWU in 2012, and Vicky in 2013.

Photo courtesy of Value Penguin

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