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Is research for me?

Engaging in research, scholarship, or creative activities allows you to pursue your interests, learn something new, hone your problem-solving skills, and challenge yourself in new ways. Working with a faculty mentor gives you the opportunity to work closely with someone experienced in your field.

Best of all, you leave Central with a product that represents your interests and studies, and possibly, a real contribution to knowledge.


Anyone can do it.

Every field of study has its own methods of asking questions and finding answers to those questions. As a student engaged in research, scholarship, or creative activities, you seek answers to questions of interest to you.


What is it like to work on my own project?

The research, scholarship, or creative experience varies greatly. You might work alone, or in a large team. You could conduct your work in a library, a museum, a laboratory, a concert hall, an art gallery, or a community.

The majority of research, scholarship, and creative projects take several quarters to develop and complete.


How do I get started on a project?

Take a class in a topic area that interests you. Talk to faculty both inside and outside the classroom. Asking faculty questions about their own scholarship is a great way to start a conversation.

Attend the How To SOURCE event in Fall quarter to learn more about research funding and publishing, how to conduct, prepare and present your research, how to find a mentor, and many other research-related topics.

Attend the annual Symposium Of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) in May to find out what types of projects other students are conducting.


What do I do after I start a project?

  • Your faculty mentor will help guide in as you develop a project. 
  • Consider applying for an Undergraduate Research Grant for funds for supplies, equipment, or travel that you need to complete your work.
  • Plan to present your work at professional meetings, conferences, or venues and apply for an Undergraduate Travel Grant
  • Make certain to present your project at the annual Symposium Of University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) in May.


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