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SOURCE 2022 Awards

We are excited to announce the 2022 Central Symposium for University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) Winners. 


See the SOURCE 2022 Program to learn more about these great presentations.  

Note that award-winning presentations are still viewable and will be added to CWUSource YouTube Channel

SOURCE Overall 2022 Awards:  

SOURCE 2022 Mentor of the Year:  Professor Jeffrey Snedeker 

Nominated by Emma Tranum, Music Education and Horn Performance:  “Dr. Snedeker is many things. He is the applied horn instructor, the director of horn ensemble, a music history teachers, and he is a mentor. He has helped me in countless ways during my time at central, from helping me through times of stress and doubt, to giving me incredible experiences, and being an incredible role model for life-long learning. … he is always learning along side us, sharing his struggles and triumphs as he goes. We see him putting on faculty recitals, playing in the Yakima Symphony, and always finding new and more diverse composers to program. “ 

For more information visit:   

SOURCE 2022 Graduate Scholar of the Year:  MacKenzie Carter, Health Sciences 

Nominated by Tishra Beeson, Health Sciences: “MacKenzie is a consummate professional, a model graduate student, and she extends her spirit of collaboration to mentor other upcoming student researchers, both at the graduate and undergraduate level as the co-President of the Public Health Club. ... MacKenzie led this mentoring effort all while taking a full graduate course load, implementing the collection of original mixed-methods data for her thesis, submitting peer-reviewed research abstracts to major national conferences, working full-time for KCPHD during a public health emergency, and parenting her two small children. I am constantly in awe of MacKenzie’s commitment to excellence across all areas of her life, and she deserves recognition for each of her accomplishments.” 

For more information visit:  

The James and Katie Gaudino Scholar of the Year Awards for Creative Expression and Scholarly Research acknowledge and reward those students who present at SOURCE and whose work activities and accomplishments provide examples of exceptional dedication to the scholarship experience. 


The James and Katie Gaudino 2022 Scholar of the Year Awards (Research): Bianca Sanchez (Psychology, McNair)

Nominated by Olivia G. Holter, Psychology: “As a researcher, I have seen Bianca’s compassion, natural inquisitive nature, and passion drive her willingness to pursue a research project that is much more difficult than most undergraduate scholars take on. Yet, she has put in the time and effort it takes to complete a project of this magnitude.... On campus, Bianca is a leader and an advocate. Presently, Bianca is the Vice President of Presidents United to Solving Hunger (PUSH), a student led organization dedicated to ending food insecurity and has led the efforts to creating a dedicated food pantry on our campus. Additionally, Bianca is also a mentor for Thrive, an organization dedicated to mentorship for and by women of color on our campus. Finally, I am also thrilled to share that starting next year, Bianca will be pursuing her Ph.D., with a full graduate assistantship, in school psychology at Illinois State University. ISU’s program is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA), and getting into an APA accredited doctoral program is statistically harder to achieve than getting into medical school.  “ 

For more information visit:   


The James and Katie Gaudino 2022 Scholar of the Year Awards(Creative Expression):  Reese Sigman (Theater Arts, Musical Theater)

Nominated by Kathryn Stahl, Theater: “Reese Sigman is a phenomenal student and has taken every opportunity to apply their knowledge forward and become a thoughtful, well-rounded, self-producing artist scholar... Reese has worked tirelessly on this show, utilizing knowledge from every area of theater production: management, design, directing, story structure, music, dance, and acting to bring to life the story, "Reese Sigman is Lying Completely Still."… One lens in which Reese wanted to explore this question was through her physical disability. Having a disability in the arts means that you don't get the same opportunities as other artists because you don’t fit the ideal image that media/art perpetuate. Part of our curriculum at Central discusses how the industry needs to be more inclusive of disabled artists, allowing them to tell their stories, and holding up those stories that recognize them as humans in the world, not only with a disability but facing everyday circumstances. Within her show, Reese nods at her disability, but the disability is not the whole person and Reese explores how performance and performativity have impacted the everyday human existence scenarios of her life. ” 

For more information visit:  

ReSOURCE 2022 award winners  

CWU Libraries and the Friends of the Brooks Library reSOURCE award is for outstanding use of library resources in your project. This includes books, journals, Archives & Special Collections, databases, library equipment, and even our programs and spaces!   

Presentations Awards:  

10% of the SOURCE presentations will receive a SOURCE Presentation award.  Students who wanted feedback are evaluated on several varying criteria for the specific presentation (research posters, research oral presentations, creative expressions, and panels). In general, the students are evaluated in several areas including Relevance, Knowledge, Organization & Visual Elements, Reasoning, Delivery, and Overall presentation. 

College of Arts and Humanities Presentation Award Winners 

College of Education and Professional Studies Presentation Award Winners 

College of Business Presentation Award Winners 

College of the Sciences Presentation Award Winners 


Congratulations to our award winners and thank you to the faculty and community judges, award selection committees, and SOURCE program committee for their support of the SOURCE 2021 program. 


Remember that the Office of Undergraduate Research is running events all year to support student scholarship, research, and creative work including: 

·      2022 Central Summer Scholarship and Research Grant: $500 supply grants for summer research, scholarship, and creative works.  Learn more: 

·       Weekly Scholarship and Research Tea: Starting June 24. 2-3pm PST.  Register here  

·      Bi-Weekly GRAD CAMP: Every other Wednesday at 11am PST (Graduates Creating Applications for More Professional Experiences). Learn more here 

·      Fall SOURCE will happen October 7-8. More details will be available in Fall at  

·      Central Faculty-Student Provost Research Grants for $3000 of student/faculty scholarship and research support will be due October 21st 

·      OUR will continue to have funds available to support virtual conferences and research projects. The deadline will be the first Wednesday of November.    



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