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OUR and Provost Grants: Letter of Support

Letters of support from faculty advisors are required for the OUR and Provost grant applications. Funding for these grants is competitive, and faculty letters are a key component in our decision-making. Prepare ahead of time so that your student can include it with their online application.

With that in mind, please follow these guidelines in preparing your letter:

  • Compose your letter on letterhead.
  • Describe how you have worked with the student on this project, and why you support this funding request. If you have other funding sources, please describe them.
  • Describe your knowledge of the student's research experience and abilities, and how this funding will contribute to their growth. 
  • If the student's project is part of your own ongoing research project, please describe how this project fits in.
  • Only one letter of support is required per individual or group.

Once you are finished, please give the letter in PDF form to the student who will submit the letter alongside other required documentation when they complete the online application. 




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