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Office of Undergraduate Research

2019 Planning Committee

SOURCE happens because of the efforts of the faculty, staff, and students that serve on the planning committee. 

2019 SOURCE planning committee

  • Tina Barrigan, Associate Professor, Theatre Arts
  • Julie Carmen,  Assistant Professor, Library Services
  • Kurt Ikemeier, Regional Director, CWU-Des Moines Center
  • Volha Isakava,  Assistant Professor, World Languages
  • Carla Jellum,  Assistant Professor, Recreation, Tourism and Events
  • Mishel Kuch, Associate Director of Student Life 
  • Tasha Lightning, Graduate Staff Assistant, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Monica Medrano, Regional Director Wenatchee/Moses Lake
  • Gabrielle  McNeillie, Lecturer, Physical Education, School Health and Movement Studies
  • John Neurohr, Associate Professor, Music
  • Erin Craig Ricketson, Asistant Professor, Physics
  • Allyson Rogan-Klyve,  Assistant Professor, Science Education
  • Maureen Rust, Assistant Professor, Library Services
  • Sarah Samblanet, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Griff Tester, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research/Associate Professor Sociology
  • Steve Wenger, Director, Wildcat Shop


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