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CWU Traditions Keeper


Wildcat Traditions Keepers fully embrace the Wildcat Way. They are proud students and alumni with a demonstrated COMMITMENT, PASSION and RESPECT for the history of the university. By tackling the 1891 Traditions Challenge, WILDCAT TRADITIONS KEEPERS BECOME PART OF THE HISTORY OF CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY and leave their mark for future generations. 


Download the app and complete the challenges to earn your pins and medallion to wear proudly at commencement! 


Store title: CWU Traditions Keeper

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Select the Login tile and enter your CWU email: to receive your validation code!

CWU Traditions are broken into three categories to support students, faculty and staff:

  • All Cats: These traditions are for ALL CWU students, faculty and staff.
  • CWU Students: These traditions are specifically for CWU STUDENTS.
  • Wildcat Faculty/Staff: These traditions are specifically for CWU FACULTY/STAFF


While completing the 1891 TRADITIONS CHALLENGE is a MOMUMENTAL FEAT, it is also an important step into the family of PROUD CWU ALUMNI. Share this app, share your experiences and SHARE YOUR PASSION FOR CWU.

Bronze Lapel PinSilver Lapel PinGold Lapel Pin 

Complete the Tradition’s Keeper challenges to earn your Pins and Medallion to wear at commencement!

  1. Complete 18 of the 91 CWU Traditions to earn your Bronze Lapel Pin
  2. Complete 36 of the 91 CWU Traditions to earn your Silver Lapel Pin
  3. Complete 54 of the 91 CWU Traditions to earn your Gold Lapel Pin
  4. Complete 72 of the 91 CWU Traditions to earn your CWU Graduation Medallion


If you have completed Traditions in the actual book, you can take a picture of the completed Tradition in the book and upload it to the appropriate tradition in its online profile.

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.