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Wildcat Tickets Supervisor
Robbi Goninan
Phone: (509) 963-1429

Ware Fair 2019

For Eligibility Requirements click here


Please provide us your First and Last Name
Please provide us your business name, organization or student ID (for students & clubs only).
Please provide us with your Ellensburg Business License number, if you have one.
Please provide us your address.
Best contact phone number.
Product Description
Provide us the last date you were juried.
Please provide us with your top 3 locations choices. Locations are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Application and Agreement forms must be completed and returned with full payment in order to reserve a space. Ware Fair will attempt to fulfill location requests. However the Ware Fair coordinator or Juror reserves the right to locate or relocate a vendor/booth based on the best needs of the Ware Fair event, the Student Union and/or Central Washington University.
* Space in not guaranteed, locations still scheduled on a first come first serve/first paid basis.
By clicking above, I agree that the Student Union reserves the right to refuse, or to have removed, any vendor who does not meet the requirements and procedures of the Student Union or is in any violation of any state or federal law. I further agree that Central Washington University, the Student Union and Ware Fair assume no responsibility for lost or damaged to work displayed or sold at the fair. My agreement above indicates agreement to hold CWU, the Student Union and Ware Fair harmless from any liability that may occur due to either acts of negligence by the participant.

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