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Summer Institute for Theatre Arts

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Whether you are a  full-time theatre teacher, or a professional working in the various areas of theatre the Summer Institute for Theatre Arts has something to offer you.

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Established in 1996 by the Theatre Arts Department of Central Washington University as the Drama Teacher's Summer Institute, the program was specifically designed for teachers. Since then, more than 500 teachers, representing more than 20 states and eight nations, have attended the Institute, learning new skills to take back to the classroom, making life-long friends and networking with other theatre artists and educators from across the nation and the world.

The Department of Theatre Arts is proud to provide courses designed to benefit theatre professionals on all levels who are seeking a Masters level degree, or professional development through enrichment courses. Classes are presented in comprehensive seminars, annually,  throughout July.

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If a summer-based Master of Music Education better suits your needs
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Participants have come to our Masters in Theatre Production program from these countries:

belgium canada china japan kuwait   new zealand philippines saudi arabia taiwan turkey thailand venezuela united arab emirates America

Participants have come to our program from these U.S. states:

alaska arizona california delaware florida georgia hawaii iowa idaho indiana illinois kansas maine maryland michiganminnesota montana nevada new jersey north carolina ohio oregon pennsylvania south carolina texas utah wisconsin wyoming washington your state flag chould be here

Comments from our students:

My summers there were some of the best summers of my life.  The classes, the professors, the experience and the friends are things that mean so much to me.
- Ricky V - MD

Best education dollars ever spent.
- Jake D - GA

I have had an awesome summer. My last two classes were exceptional!  Honestly, I kind of came into this summer thinking I didn't really want to direct shows anymore. But after Directing 1, I am excited to start the year.
-Mary N - SC

I learned so much from the classes at CWU. I had gone to several universities to check out their programs, just to take some classes but was underwhelmed. CWU from the very first class gave me notebooks full of material for my program. I now have a 4 year program with the top classes receiving college credit.
-Rachel H - OR

This program helped me grow as a theatre educator in ways I could have never done on my own. The instructors were some of the best I have ever encountered.
-Shannon H -NC

I learned so much for the program and my students have been the beneficiaries of the skills and knowledge I acquired from this program.
-Carla S - CA

I'm grateful for the time that I spent in this program. Every summer Ellensburg was home and the professors and student colleagues were my family. I will always cherish my time at CWU, the skills and knowledge I gained, and the friends I made there.
-Carol M - Canada

This program is excellent and was exactly what I needed as a theatre teacher.
-Will R - SC

I cannot even begin to explain how life-changing this program was for me as an artist and an educator.
Elisha M - WA

For me it's a chance to talk to experienced drama teachers and get ideas for plays to produce. These things, along with the day to day mechanics I'm picking up, are things I can use in developing my program and that will help my students.
-David N - HI

I am looking forward to summer session with you all this year. You have no idea how much I have learned and how many doors have opened because of your program.
Tomi G - Belgium

It's so nice to see the CWU Facebook page with all the postings. The program was the best educational experience I could have asked for. I miss the faculty and theatre colleagues: such a wealth of resources.
Debra, ME


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