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Testing Resources for Faculty

Several services are available to faculty through CWU Testing Services. These services include facilitating accommodated testing in collaboration with CWU Disability Services and providing exam proctoring.

Accommodated Testing

Students who require accommodated testing must register through CWU Disability Services. See the Accommodated Testing page for more information.

Exam Proctoring

Proctoring is free for CWU faculty. For external proctoring, see the Proctored Exams webpage.

Please Note: This free service is not intended for make-up exams, course challenge exams, non-accommodated classroom exams, or exams for CWU Online or distance education classes.

If your student has registered with Disability Services and has been given accommodations for classroom exams, but you are unable to provide those testing accommodations in-house, Testing Services is available to proctor those exams.

How to Set Up a Proctored Exam

  1. Students who require proctored exams will need to have registered for an accommodation through Disability Services. To request a proctored exam, the student will need to submit a request through the Disability Services portal.
  2. Once the student has submitted a request, the faculty will receive an email notification from Disability Services.
  3. Faculty will log into the Disability Services portal to:
    • Fill out a proctor form
    • Submit the exam and any additional information through the portal. Please note: All information should be submitted at least 1 business day in advance.

Please contact or 509-963-1847 with any questions.

Find Out More

Find out more about what students can expect on the day of their test on the What to Expect page.

Please contact us at or 509-962-1847.