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Robert and Barbara Wright Scholarship Essay Questions

  1. What past experience(s) have encouraged you to become a STEM educator? Max of 200 words

  2. What is your justification for the amount you are requesting? For example, how do you expect you would use this award (e.g., for housing, sustenance, transportation, childcare, tuition, etc.)? If you asked for more than $500, why did you ask for this amount? Max of 100 words

  3. How would this impact your ability to succeed at CWU and complete your degree? Max of 200 words


Funding opportunities -- scholarships, grants, loans, internships -- each play a role in your undergraduate education. Take advantage of them! Questions should be directed to the Scholarship Office at (509) 963-1611.

Your Situation Scholarship Opportunity
I am a freshman/sophomore WA Opportunity, TEACH, Teacher Shortage Conditional
I am a junior/senior or transfer student with an AA degree WA Opportunity, TEACHScholarship Central (Elliot and Howard), Teacher Shortage Conditional, Studemt Teaching Grant
I have financial NEED

WA Opportunity, any other CWU need-based via Scholarship Central

Robert R Vance Scholarship, Information available via Scholarship Central

I am from an underrepresented group in STEM WA Opportunity, Information available via Scholarship Central
I want research experience Information available via Scholarship Central
I am willing to teach in a low-income school after graduation TEACH, Teacher Shortage Conditional
I will need support during Student Teaching Student Teaching Grant
I am interested in teaching science Elliot Family, Howard Family    *HINT!!! If you are in TeachSTEM, apply for this scholarship!!
I am interested in chemistry Information available via Scholarship Central
I am interested in biology Information available via Scholarship Central
I am interested in math Information available via Scholarship Central
I am interested in computer science Information available via Scholarship Central
I am interested in physics Barbara Lotze
I am a graduate student interested in teaching science AFCEA
Be sure to investigate opportunities outside of the Scholarship Central application that may apply to you. Find a list of them here:


Scholarship Central Database

The Scholarship Central database is open October 1 through February 3 each year. Contact your department(s) for specific scholarship information. For further scholarship information in general, please visit or contact the Scholarship Office at (509) 963-1611.

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

  • Supports low- and middle-income students pursuing high-demand majors in science, technology and math
  • Encourages recipients to work in Washington State once their degree is complete
  • Award amounts will vary
  • Must be a WA resident who graduated from a WA high school
  • DUE: February
  • For more information:


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Elliott Family Scholarship

Howard Family Scholarship

Robert R. Vance Scholarship

Barbara Lotze Scholarship

  • Supports future physics teachers up to $2,000 per year
  • Applications will be accepted at any time and those received by the December 1 deadline will be considered for that year
  • DUE: December 1 
  • For more information:

AFCEA Educational Foundation STEM Teaching Scholarship (Graduate Students)

Washington Student Acheivement Council Scholarships

  • Supports paraeducators to earn a teaching degree
  • Supports certified teachers to add a high needs certification
  • For more information:

Teacher Shortage Conditional Scholarship

  • Must be accepted into a PESB approved teacher preparation program leading to an initial teacher certification
  • For more information:
  • DUE October 15th

Student Teaching Grant

  • The intent of the grant is to provide additional funds to student teachers at Title I public common schools in Washington. This is a grant that does not require a service obligation or promissory note.
  • For more information:
  • DUE October 15th

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