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Internships in Macau

Internships in Macau, China

Program Description
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Program Description

Central Washington University's Department of Education, Development, Teaching and Learning (EDTL) has a long-standing and valuable partnership with Hou Kong Schools in Macau, China. Hou Kong schools welcome CWU teaching interns all year.

Macau, China is a fascinating mixture of cultures.  Macau is a territory of China and was a colony of Portugal, so visitors experience a rich, multifaceted  combination of both cutlures. Macau is built from three different islands, but visitors can move around easily on foot, by taxi or bus.  Everything in Macau is close by!  Not far away, you can see the island of Hong Kong and mainland China. Learn more about the culture and history of Macau



Hou Kong Schools have two locations in Macau, the main campus on the Macau, Macau and the second campus on Taipa, Macau.  The main campus location includes high school, whereas the Taipa campus has pre-kindergarten tohigh school. The schools are well respected by the community and admit students from all over Macau, nearby Hong Kong and nearby mainland China.  The schools emphasize the whole learner and strive to balance high-quality academic preparation with the arts and technology.  Students study academic courses in Mandarin and have language courses in English and Portuguese.  Most learners at the schools speak Cantonese at home. They are multilingual and multicultural!
Hou Kong Schools welcome interns from CWU every quarter of the academic year (i.e., fall, winter and spring) and the summer. During the academic year, interns have opportunities to co-teach with grade level teachers in English language courses.  Some interns will support teachers in other content areas. During the summers, interns will engage in a combination of co-teaching and summer English camp.  Interns have opportunities to develop their skills in lesson planning, classroom management, culturally-responsive teaching, activity creation and delivery, and working with diverse learners.




Program Highlights and Benefits

  • Receive a $1000 stipend, half of the total cost of airfare, free local lodging within a short distance of the school
  • May receive for CWU credit for major or minor program field experience or practicum hours (Exclusive of Student Teaching)
  • Hone instructional skills of lesson planning, lesson delivery, activity creation and informal assessment with students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12
  • Enhance your ability to work in culturally responsive ways with a diverse population of learners
  • Develop rapport with learners and establish your classroom management practices 
  • Enhance your cultural understandings and your world view while learning about another culture
  • Exhance your resume to help you find a teaching position upon graduation
  • Opportunity to travel- Mainland China, Hong Kong etc.
  • Participate in a seminar course to learn about English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instruction, ways to mitigate the effects of culture shock, basic Cantonese/ Mandarin and the history and culture of Macau China



This internship is available to all education majors and other majors related to education in Ellensburg and our Centers.Participants do not need to speak Cantonese or Mandarin.  You will be able to get around the culturally friendly community of Macau in English most times.  Flexibilty and open-mindedness are important. Participants will need a current passport or need to obtain one.


Learn More

If you would like to learn more, there will be information sessions in person on the Ellensburg campus.  Please contact Dr. Dia Gary to learn when the information sessions will be held.

Program Contact:

Dr. Dia Gary
Black 208-6
(509) 963 1471



Complete the application online or print and complete a paper copy, scan it and email to Dr. Dia Gary.



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