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ELL Online Endorsement FAQs

  • What is the ELL Online Endorsement Program?

ELL Online Endorsement Program is a state-approved program geared at preparing teachers to effectively educate linguistically diverse students. The movement to an online program provides access for place-bound or time-bound teachers.

  • How is the instruction delivered?

The courses are delivered via an online electronic delivery system. Blackboard is the program currently used at Central Washington University. Training tutorials are available on Central’s website.

  • What does it cost to go through the program?

This program is part of the regular offerings at CWU. Consequently, the costs are standard tuition and fees. The exact figure cannot be calculated at this time due to possible rate changes as determined by state and university administration. The current tuition rates for the regular academic year can be found at

  • Do I pay undergraduate or graduate tuition?

If you are seeking the endorsement only, you are officially classified as post-baccalaureate and pay the undergraduate tuition rate during the regular academic year. If you are applying these courses towards a master's degree at CWU, you will pay the graduate tuition rate. During the summer sessions, the cost per credit is determined by the level of the course; undergraduate rates for courses numbered in the 400's and graduate rates for courses numbered in the 500's.

  • Could I use the courses in this program for a graduate degree?

Our program does not offer a master's degree in Teaching ELL students. However, we do have an arrangement in place that would allow for ELL endorsement courses to be applied to the Master Teacher (MEd) degree.

  • Do I need to take all of the classes in one year?

Our online program has been put together with the idea that all courses will be taken during a single year. However, if you need to extend the time for completion, it could easily be divided into a two-year cycle. Based on a two-year program, the recommended courses for the first year would be EDBL 440, EDBL 514, EDBL 530, and EDBL 531. The second year's recommended courses would be EDBL 433, EDBL 438, and EDF 507.

  • What if I don’t want the endorsement but would like some training in working with ELL students?

Our Bilingual Education/Teaching ESL programs at CWU also offers a post-baccalaureate certificate entitled Teaching and Linguistic Diversity. The coursework required includes:  EDBL 440, EDBL 514, EDBL 530, and EDBL 531

  • How do I become part of this program?

There are two steps to entering this program.

1. Fill out the departmental application form

2. Go to Teacher Certification - Adding an Endorsement and complete the Endorsement-Only Program Application Process.

*Please note that you have the option of entering the program as a non-matriculated student. If you choose this route, you will need to fill out paperwork each quarter.*  To complete the application as a matriculated student, click on the following link: Choose online as your campus of choice.  If online is not an included option, choose CWU-Ellensburg.  Matriculation is required in order to receive financial aid.

  • What about the test?

The State of Washington requires that all teachers adding an endorsement pass an approved test - the Washington Educator Skills Tests-E (WEST-E). Information for registering and preparing for the test can be found at this site:

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