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Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning

College of Education and Professional Studies

Early Childhood Electives

The following courses are recommended electives for the Early Childhood Education major in order to provide students with a strong pedagogical foundation.

EDEC 310Infant Education3None
EDEC 347History and Philosophies of ECE3PSY 314
EDEC 354Childhood Learning3EDEC 232 or 332
EDEC 415Child Language Acquisition3EDEC 232 or 332 or PSY 314
EDEC 421Play in Childhood3EDEC 232 or 332
EDEC 432Child Development Research3EDEC 232
EDEC 444Classroom Management3None
EDSE 433Pre-School for Student with Development Delays3EDSE 302 or 310
PED 314Dance for Children3None
SOC 343Child Abuse5None
TH 384Puppetry3TH 166 or permission

An elective cannot double count within a major or minor in Early Childhood Education. So, if one of the above courses was taken to fulfill a requirement within the ECE major/minor the same course cannot be used for an elective credit.

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