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Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning

College of Education and Professional Studies

Dr. Pamela M. Juniel


Dr. Pamela M. Juniel


Assistant Professor of Special Education

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Education (most recent first): PhD, Special Education, 2015; MEd, Special Education, 2007, B.A., Health Sciences Education & Biology, 1999


Juniel, P.M., Williams, H. (2017). Cultural Competency Receptivity Scale: A Critical Analysis of Prospective School Leaders. National Social Science Journal.

Juniel, P., Divine, T., Flores, S., & Lea, Y., (2017). My Sister’s Keeper: Navigating Micro-Aggressions in Higher Education (Working Title). IGI Global Books.

Walls, T., Reid, E., Caradine, E., & Juniel, P. (2017). Daring, Diverse, and Different, or Nah? How Black Women Survive Micro-Aggressions While Preparing for the Professorate in the Southwest! (Working Title) IGI Global Books.

Juniel, P., Flores, S., (2017). Racial Incidents in the Public Schools: What Should Educators Do? (Working Title). Academy Books.

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Morgan, J. J., Brown, N., Hsiao, Y. J., Castillo, W., Howerter, C., Juniel, P., & Sedano, L. (2014). Providing access to the general education curriculum through data-based decision making. Intervention in School and Clinic.


Presenter: “All about Style: A Critical Analysis of Student Scholarly Writing”. National Social Sciences Association. Las Vegas, NV. March 25-27th.

Lead presenter with (Piper, R., Ringer, J., and Black, J.). “Anatomy of a Strategy Framework: A New Approach to Comprehensive Planning for Teachers” (Working Title). International Conference on Education. Honolulu, HI. January 2018.

Presenter: Instructor Transparency: Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Writing Styles

in Student Scholarly Work” (Working Title). International Conference on Education. Honolulu, HI. January 2018.

Co-Presenter with (Flores, S.). “Will you stand by me or be a Bystander?: A Tool for Responding to Racial Incidents in Our Schools.” National Association for Multicultural Education Conference. Salt Lake City, UT. November, 2017.

Co-Presenter with (Williams, H.). “Cultural Proficiency Receptivity Scale”. National Social Science and Technology Conference. Las Vegas, NV. April 9-11, 2017.

Co-Presenter with (Flores, S.). “Will you stand by me or be a Bystander?: A Tool for Responding to Racial Incidents in Our Schools.” Critical Questions in Education Conference. New Orleans, LA. March 6-8, 2017.

Co-Presenter with (Goodman, X., Perna, C., and Weigel, R.). “Promoting Transparency in STEM Learning and Teaching. NSHE Diversity Summit, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. November 3, 2016.

Co-Presenter with (Perna, C., Goodman, X., and Weigel, R.). “A Collaborative Approach to Enriching BSN Student’s Quality Improvement Project. ”QSEN Forum: The New Frontier, Forging Partnerships for Lifelong Learning in Quality and Safety.” San Antonio, TX. May 25-27, 2016.

Co-Presenter with (Goodman, X., Perna, C., and Weigel, R.), “An Evidence-based Approach to Assessing Writing of Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Leadership Capstone Papers.” Medical Library Association. Toronto, Canada. May 13-19, 2016.

Co-Presenter with (Perna, C., Goodman, X., and Weigel, R.). “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improving BSN Student’s Writing and Use of APA.” Interdisciplinary Research Day. University of Nevada Las Vegas. Las Vegas, NV. April 1, 2016.

Research Interests

I am interested in exploring the outcomes of students with disabilities in foster care, the intersectionality between language learners and disabilities assessment and diagnoses, and the use of evidence-based practices as prescribed by the Council for Exceptional children. My other research interests extend to exploring instructor transparency, information literacy, and developing supports for student scholarly writing.

Professional Organizations

National Association of Multicultural Education June 2006-2007, July 2017

National Association of Professional Development Schools March 2017

National Society of Leadership and Success January 2014 to the Present

American Educational Research Association October 2012 to the Present

Council on Learning Disabilities July 2012 to the Present

Division on Learning Disabilities

Council for Exceptional Children October 2008 to the Present

Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Division on Technology and Media

Division on Learning Disabilities

Division on Teacher Education

International Reading Association 2007

National Association of Special Education Teachers 2006-2010

National Education Association 2006 to the Present

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