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Teacher Performance Assessment

Welcome to the edTPA!

In June 2012, over 7000
teacher candidates
participated in a national
field test!

Across the nation states and teacher preparation programs are searching for better ways to develop and evaluate teacher effectiveness. Increasingly, they are focusing on authentic assessments of how teacher candidates develop and evaluate student learning. edTPA™, formerly the Teacher Performance Assessment, represents this historic shift as the first nationally available, research- and standards-based tool capable of serving as a common and independent measure of candidate performance.

CWU is proud to participate in this worthy endeavor towards better education, standing as one of the first eight institutions to pilot the edTPA in one of the first four states in the nation to legislate edTPA policy. Furthering the edTPA’s goals, Washington State has elected to include an extra assessment in addition to those already represented. Newly instituted, the Student Voice section aspires to more accurately reflect the candidates' students’ understanding of their own progress toward designated learning targets.

The edTPA continues to evolve and refine its standards and CWU continues to be a part of this process, ever seeking to improve its student teacher program and ensure relevant and integrated curriculum.

What is the edTPA? Purpose of the edTPA:
  • A performance-based assessment of pre-service teachers
  • Part of a national movement to make authentic performance the basis of pedagogy assessment
  • Used for initial certification in Washington state

Assess teacher candidates’ abilities to…

  • Plan instruction based on learning objectives
  • Use instructional practices that support student learning
  • Develop students' understanding


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