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Resources for the Teacher Certification Program

Below you will find several categories of resources and frequently asked questions. Some of the answers apply to more than one question or section so search all the questions or topics for information. The scetions below are loosely organized chronologically as you move closer to certification; applications toward the top and certification process toward the bottom.

Teacher Certification Program Admittance Status

  • Who advises education students?

    There is A LOT to understand and navigate in order to become a teacher in Washington. Your Staff Advisor is going to be your best resource to help you plan your courses and keep you on track. They have been trained by the Teacher Certification Program on our requirements and can help guide you through the academic side of education courses as well as when to contact the Teacher Certification Program for help. If you need help identifying your staff advisor you can e-mail or call 509-963-2077 for assistance.

  • Do I have to pass the WEST-B tests before I can apply?

    Nope! As long as you have 45 graded quarter credits and intend to become a teacher please apply to the Teacher Certification Program. The earlier you apply the earlier you get consistent communication from our program. Being on the program roster helps us keep you on track for your non-academic certification requirements so that you get the support you need to make it through to certification!

    If you want to sign up for a TCP 101: I have 45 credits! Now What?! Zoom session, we would be happy to answer any of your questions!

  • I sent my ACT/SAT scores to CWU, why do I have to take the WEST-B?

    The state requires all candidates for certification to attempt a basic skills test in three subject areas. It is possible that you did not attempt a subject from the specific codes we get from College Board.

    Option 1 to meet Basic Skills Requirement
    Subject WEST-B SAT ACT
    Math 240+

    515 (prior to 3/4/2016)

    27.5 (after 3/5/2016)


    Reading 240+

    500 (prior to 3/4/2016)

    27 (after 3/5/2016)


    Writing 235+

    490 (prior to 3/4/2016)

    28 (after 3/5/2016)

    Did not exist before 2006

    8 (prior to 8/31/2015)

    23 (9/2015-8/2016)

    8 (after 9/1/2016)

  • Do I have to e-mail my WEST-B scores to the Teacher Certification Program?

    No! When you completed your registration through the WEST site you should have been prompted to send your scores to CWU. If you did, then we will get them in the official score report sent to us from Pearson.

  • I got my passing WEST-B Scores, but the "Basic Skills Requirement" item is still on my To-Do list?

    We appreciate your patience. The Teacher Certification program is staffed by two people who maintain records for over 1000 active students in any given quarter. These results and updates are done by hand and it could take up to a week to get the system updated for all changes. If it has been more than a couple weeks you can e-mail with your full name and student ID number and ask for help.

  • What happens if I don't pass the WEST-B?

    There are additional test + course options to provide multiple ways to demonstrate your understanding in reading, writing and math. Please review the Program Admission webpage. You can schedule an TCP 201 zoom session with one of our program staff to ask any questions you have about the Basic Skills Requirements.

  • I did great in my courses last quarter! How do I get my GPA re-evaluated?

    First we ask for your patience. GPAs are re-evaluated each quarter after grades have been posted. This is a process done by hand for a few hundred students and could take a few weeks. If after the third week of the quarter the to-do item is still on your checklist, you can e-mail with your full name and student ID number and ask for help.

Field Experience Requirements


Recommendation to OSPI

  • Should I e-mail Teacher Certification right after graduation to process my information?

    We know this is an exciting step in your journey and you are eager to have your own classroom, but please be patient. Degree Checkout could take up to 6-8 weeks for your degree to be awarded. When the Teacher Certification Program sees your degree has been awarded, we manually review your file for recommendation. If you have met all of the certification requirements, we will recommend you to OSPI and send you an e-mail with instructions on how to claim your certificate.

    We monitor this process daily at the end of every quarter and process recommendations in batches a few times a week.

  • Can I look for jobs before my Teaching Certificate is issued?

    Absolutely! After you have successfully passed student teaching you are ready to start looking for jobs! Most school districts are aware that the recommendation process typically takes a 6-8 weeks after your recommendation has been entered. Check out Career Services for resources and information about applying for employment.

    You will need to contact the HR department of jobs you are applying for to get information on how they prefer you indicate your certificate is pending. Your Washington Cert # was issued when you completed your Pre-Residency Clearance and will not change when your certificate is issued so you can include that in your applications. When you log in to your e-cert account on the "Educator Main" tab on the far left, you can find your WA Cert # right under your name.

  • My e-cert account says I am missing my WEST-B tests

    If you used SAT scores or the WEST-B remediation courses to satisfy your basic skills requirements, those tests have been loaded into OSPI. After you have been recommended to OSPI it can take up to 6-8 weeks for your certificate to be awarded.

    As long as your application status in OSPI reads PENDING then the error you are given about missing WEST-B results has not been verified by a Certification Officer at OSPI. If you recieve an e-mail from OSPI saying your application is deficient then please reach out so we can help with any questions.

  • Adding minor or second major endorsement later

    Have you recently passed the NES/WEST-E test for your minor or second major and want to add that endorsement to your teaching certificate? Complete the Finishing Original Endorsements form to notify us of your request.


  • Endorsement vs. Major/Minor​

    Endorsement: An endorsement is the specific subject matter or content area listed on your teaching certificate in Washington State. All certificates must have at least one endorsement, and some endorsement areas cannot stand alone and require dual endorsements. ​

    Major/Minor: Academic course work that covers the competencies required by the state that will lead to an endorsement

  • Graduation vs. Certification

    Graduation: Meeting the graduation requirements of CWU based on course catalog and Major/Minor program requirements.​

    Certification: Is independent of graduating. Items like passing the NES/WEST-E test, account balance, hours logged, will not prevent students from graduating but will delay recommendation to OSPI.

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