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EdTPA Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an extensive list of edTPA questions.

  • How do I use a voucher to pay for registration?

    To use voucher jump to page 15 of CWU edTPA Registration Guidance (PDF) for detailed instructions.

  • Can PESB waive or eliminate the edTPA

    The Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) does not have the authority to waive or eliminate the edTPA performance assessment through Washington Administrative Code (WAC). WAC is the rule governed by the Board. This assessment is required by the Legislature in state law, RCW. PESB does, however, have the authority to determine the tests, and set vendor contracts and passing scores.

  • Can I complete the edTPA in a virtual learning environment?

    Yes. You can complete the edTPA in a virtual learning environment as long as the video you submit provides evidence of synchronous instruction, and meets all edTPA handbook guidelines and submission requirements. You must consult with your preparation program prior to providing any instruction for the assessment. 

  • What is required for a successful online recording? Does the whole class need to be on video?

    A virtual classroom environment may provide a more accessible opportunity to record synchronous video lessons as a part of the assessment requirement. For information on technical requirements and considerations, please see pp. 2-3 of guidance for the edTPA in an alternative arrangement (PDF).   

    For most subject areas, a minimum of four students must be included in the video, so this should be noted in placement considerations. The minimum number of students is dependent on handbook requirements.

    Before you record, make sure you have the appropriate permission from the parents/guardians of your students and from any adults who will appear in the video. Please see your handbook and consult with your preparation program for more details. 

  • What if I cannot record a video of my online instruction?

    A video recording is the most authentic evidence of your instruction. However, in some cases, such as when school districts prohibit recording the learning environment, the preparation program may request an alternative to video evidence. You would still be required to meet other requirements, such as providing synchronous instruction. Learn more about requesting an alternative to video evidence.

    Once this request for alternative video evidence has been reviewed and approved, you may choose to submit either an audio recording or a written transcript. Because of the timelines involved, you should work with your preparation program early in the process if you’re interested in this option. 

  • What guidance is available for my specific subject area?

    Specific subject area guidance for virtual learning environments is available on pages 5-9 of guidance for edTPA in an alternative arrangement (PDF). In determining what to submit for the edTPA, you should work with your program and consult the evidence chart in your subject-specific edTPA handbook.

  • What if my placement is in an alternative setting, with a new schedule, or with a certain curriculum?

    PESB, SCALE (Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity), and Pearson do not set restrictions on your placement for the edTPA, as long as all other requirements, such as those in your subject-specific handbook, are met. You should consult with your preparation program for program-specific requirements. There is no state policy requiring that the edTPA be completed during a formal student teaching placement, although that can be a best practice. There are also no employment requirements to complete the edTPA. The edTPA can be completed in alternative and modified scheduling formats. 

    For inquiries on completing the edTPA with a specific curriculum, you should work with your preparation programs, consult your subject-specific handbook, and review the making good choices: candidate support resource (PDF).

  • What if I don’t have a placement yet?

    If you do not have a placement yet, you should work with your preparation program and local schools to secure it. Please see placement considerations in the question above. If need be, edTPA placement can occur separately from student teaching placement.

  • What if I submit the edTPA but do not pass?

    At the July 2020 board meeting, PESB approved a one year pilot providing flexibility for candidates to meet the requirements of the edTPA, allowing for more equitable pathways into the teaching profession. Find out more in guidance for multiple measures for the edTPA. If you submit the edTPA and receive a score between 35-39, Teacher Certification Program will contact you to explain your options for alternatives.

    School districts cannot review alternative evidence or recommend candidates for certification. However, school districts can be important partners in the process by providing alternative evidence and possibly serving on review committees. School districts need to work with their partner preparation programs on this. The multiple measures policy eliminates the need for retake fees for candidates in the pilot.

  • Where can I find registration and submission deadlines?

    Pearson has the submission dates posted online.

  • What is the fee for edTPA?
    • $300 for full assessment or full retake
    • $200 for 2-task retake
    • $100 for 1-task retake
  • What will I need to do if I need to withdraw from the edTPA after I have registered?

    edTPA registrations are valid for 18 months. If after registering for edTPA you wish to withdraw your registration, you may do so by logging in to your account on this website, selecting Current Registrations, then Withdraw, and following the instructions provided. Read the full Withdrawal/Refund Policy on the Candidate Policies page of this website for more information.

  • If I am not affiliated with an educator preparation program, what is the process for completing edTPA?
    1. Getting Started
    2. Review the information on this site for candidates, including resources such as Making Good Choices, video tutorials, policies, submission deadlines, FAQs, and Customer Support contact information.
    3. Register for edTPA. During registration you may complete an optional field to direct your score report to a specific state for licensure purposes. 
    4. After registering, you have access (through your account on this site) to the Pearson ePortfolio platform.
    5. Within the Pearson ePortfolio platform, download the handbook and templates for the registered assessment.
    6. Complete your portfolio, upload your files, and submit for scoring.
    7. You will then receive an edTPA score report, and the licensure state you indicated during registration also receives your scores, if applicable.
  • Will I be able to view my files after I submit them for scoring?

    No. Candidates will not be able to access their files in the Pearson ePortfolio system after submitting them for scoring. When submitting your portfolio for scoring, you must acknowledge the following statement: "I understand that by submitting my portfolio to Pearson, my submission is final and I will no longer have access to my files through the Pearson ePortfolio system for any edits or reviews." Candidates should always save copies of their own work.

  • How do I confirm my portfolio has been submitted for scoring?

    After you have agreed to the Submission attestations, a confirmation box will display stating "Your portfolio has been submitted for scoring." You will need to click 'Okay' in order to close this box.Once your portfolio has been submitted, an email confirmation will be generated and sent to the email you indicated when creating your account on the edTPA website.

    You may also confirm your portfolio has been submitted at any time by logging into your account and navigating to your View Scores and Testing History page. Successfully submitted portfolios will be listed there.Please see the Using the Pearson ePortfolio System document, or the Submitting your Assessment video overview, available in the Preparation section of the website, for more information and visual instructions.

  • I'm unable to upload a video file/document/any file at all. What should I do?

    It is important to understand various aspects of the Pearson ePortfolio system will not work as intended if any of your system components are not up-to-date. Please refer to the minimum requirements provided in the previous FAQ. If you continue to experience an error when uploading files it is recommended you update your internet browser, as well as your Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash plug-ins, to ensure you are running the latest version of all components.

    Please note many errors experienced when uploading a document may be resolved by saving the document as a PDF file before uploading. There are various ways to save a document as a PDF. Additional instructions can be found in the preparation resources available through Pearson.If you are a Mac user and are encountering transcode errors, please refer to Tips for Mac Users for additional information. Frequently asked questions about video uploads, as well as additional troubleshooting tips for questions experienced when using the Pearson ePortfolio system, can be found in candidate preparation section.

  • When will I receive my score report?

    Score report dates depend on your assessment selection and submission dates. Review the edTPA submission and reporting dates for more information. Your scores are reported to you and to any educator preparation program that you indicated as a score recipient when you registered. If applicable, your scores are also reported directly to the relevant state agency responsible for educator licensure.

  • Who will receive my scores?

    Your edTPA score report will be reported to you and to any educator preparation program that was indicated as a score recipient during the registration process. If applicable, scores are also reported directly to the relevant state agency responsible for educator licensure. Please refer to the scoring information for candidates for complete information regarding edTPA score release.

  • What is the edTPA passing score?

    edTPA passing scores are determined by individual states for licensure and by programs for program requirements. For information on Washington state passing scores, please refer to the educator certification agency in your state. For information on program requirements, please consult the individual program. 

  • How can I appeal my score?

    A Score Confirmation request is the process for appealing a score. If you believe that a score (not a condition code) on one or more rubrics was reported in error, you may submit a request for a score confirmation in writing. The fee is $200. Information about the score confirmation service is available on

    Please note that only one score confirmation request is permitted per submission and requests received after the initial score confirmation request will not be honored. If you are unsure why a condition code was assigned to one or more rubrics in your score profile, you should refer to the information in your score profile. The performance description(s) will provide information regarding any condition code(s) assigned. For additional information about condition codes, please review edTPA Submission Requirements and Condition Codes (PDF).

  • What if I need to retake all or a portion of my assessment?

    Candidates who do not meet their educator preparation program or state requirement may retake the assessment. Candidates who wish to retake edTPA must complete the registration process again. Candidates may retake the entire assessment, or any combination of tasks. Refer to Retaking edTPA for more information.

  • How do I get information about why condition codes were assigned to my portfolio?

    Please review the information in your score profile carefully. The performance description(s) will provide information regarding any condition code(s) assigned. For additional information about condition codes, please review edTPA Submission Requirements and Condition Codes (PDF).

  • How soon can I resubmit a retake?

    You must wait to receive scores from your last submission before you are able to register for a retake of the same assessment. Please review the edTPA submission and reporting dates found on this website.

  • How do I reformat my videos?

    Use the Video Guidance (PDF) tutorials to resize and upload your edTPA videos.

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