CWU Sustainability

CWU is carefully tracking its electricity and gas consumption, and working to reduce consumption despite an increase in building square footage.  

CWU Building Square Footage (1999-2016)
The size of CWU's building footprint (campus square footage) has increased during 1999-2016 with the addition of new buildings.

CWU Campus Gas Consumption (1999-2016)CWU Campus Gas/CWU Campus Square Footage (1999-2016)

With improved energy efficiency measures, consumption of gas (therms) has decreased during this time, despite the increase in campus buidling footprint.

CWU electricity consumption (1999-2016)CWU electricity consumption/square footage (1999-2016)
Total electricity consumption at CWU has fluctuated over time with changing square footage.  The electricy/campus square footage data indicates electricity efficiency improvements over time.