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CWU Sustainability

CWU Sustainability Council

The CWU Sustainability Council collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create and implement sustainability initiatives, and fosters a culture of environmental, social and economic sustainability that reduces CWU’s environmental impact and improves resource use efficiency.


Chair: Kathleen Klaniecki, Sustainability Coordinator

Council Members:

Name Department
Clay Arango Associate Professor, Department of Biology & Environmental Studies
Joe Bach Director of Housing Facilities, Housing and Residence Life
Sunny Bloxham Director of Custodial, Grounds & Transportation Services
Andreas Bohman Vice President of Operations
Kate Doughty Farm and Sustainability Manager, Auxiliary Enterprises
Susan Rivera Senior lecturer, ITAM
Susan Kaspari Associate Professor, Department of Geology & Environmental Studies
Jake Kuckuck Manager of Custodial Services Operations, Auxiliary Facilities
Blair McNeillie Grounds Supervisor
Andreas Moreno Benito Assistant Director of Admissions / Student Visitation Programs
Teri Olin Senior Marketing Manager, Public Affairs 
Joseph Pearson Executive Director, Auxiliary Enterprises
Toni Sipic Associate Professor, Economics
Katrina Whitney Assistant Director, Diversity and Equity Center
Tim Hargrave Associate Professor, Management
Heather Spalding

Coordinator of Field Experiences, College of Education and Professional Studies

Savannah Fields Graduate student, Cultural and Environmental Resource Management
Joey Packer Undergraduate student, College of Education and Professional Studies
Rachael Medalia Undergraduate student, College of the Sciences
Jerry Fussell Undergraduate student, College of the Arts and Humanities
Maggie Mussard Undergraduate student, College of Business

Meeting Agendas 


February 17, 2021: agenda

January 20, 2021: agenda


December 14, 2020: agenda

November 16, 2020: agenda

October 19, 2020: agenda

September 21, 2020: agenda

June 3rd, 2020: agenda

May 6th, 2020: agenda

April 1st, 2020: agenda

February 26th, 2020: agenda

February 5th, 2020: agenda 

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