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CWU Sustainability

CWU Sustainability Council

The CWU Sustainability Council collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to create and implement sustainability initiatives, and fosters a culture of environmental, social and economic sustainability that reduces CWU’s environmental impact and improves resource use efficiency.

Interim Chair: Susan Kaspari, Associate Professor Department of Geology


Clay Arango, Associate Professor Department of Biology

Joe Bach, Director of Housing Facilities

Andreas Bohman, Vice President of Operations

Kate Doughty, Sustainability Projects Specilaist Axuiliary Operations

Savannah Fields, CWU student

Wendi Hembree, Administrative Assistant Operations

Emilie Hobert, Marketing and Communications Manager Auxiliary Enterprises

Gia Landis, Environmental Studies Student

Erica MacKenzie, Student Environmental Club

Cheyanne Manning, Facilities

Andreas Moreno Benito, Assistant Director of Admissions/Student Visitation Programs

Adrian Naranjo, Student Financial Services Director

Teri Olin, Director of Marekting

Danielle Palmer, Secretary Senior Environmental Studies/Integrated Energy Management Programs

Joseph Pearson, Director of Auxiliary Operations

Shane Scott, Interim Associate vice President Campus Planning & Facilities Management

Toni Sipic, Associate Professor in Economics

Eva Whitsett, Assistant Drector of Student Accounts

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