CWU Sustainability

Virtual LEED Tour of Hogue Technology Building

Hogue Technology Building has received the LEED Gold GBCI (Green Business Certification Incorporated) certification. GBCI is the only certification and credentialing body within the green business and sustainability industry to exclusively administer project certifications and professional credentials of LEED.

Breakdown of the points earned for water efficiency

The water usage in Dean Hall is lowered due to several features, including low-flow water closets, urinals, lavatory faucets, and kitchen sinks, and high-efficiency fixtures in the irrigations system. Wate use reduced by 40% compaterd to LEED Baseline requirements. 


Hogue Technology water fountain.

Breakdown of the points earned for energy and atmosphere

Hogue Tech uses high performance glazing and wall insulation, in conjunction with chilled beam technologies, and heated and cooled floor slabs to reduce energy demands from heating and cooling needs.The building uses ventilation air recovery units to preheat or cool incoming air. Additionally a transpired solar collector provides passive solar heating during the winter. The building also has solar photovoltaic and roof mounted evacuated tube solar collectors that supply energy and reduce reliance on the local energy grid. Hogue Technology's lighting needs are supplied by high performance LED’s and fluorescents which are coupled with occupancy sensors to ensure that they are only used when they are needed. The total energy savings is 27% with about 3% of tht total energy cost being offset by renewable sit-generated energy.


(Left) ventrilation air recovery units     (Right) interior lighting fixture

Breakdown of the points earned for materials and resourcese

Hogue Technology reused 95% of the original building shell and recycled 75% of the construction waste.