CWU Sustainability

Virtual LEED Tour of Barto Hall

Barto Hall is Central Washington University's first LEED-registered residential project, and the first to be certified Platinum. Barto Hall opened in 2012 and has 368 beds in 116,000 square feet of space. 

Breakdown of the points earned for water efficiency

Barto Hall uses a combination of low-flow and Hydropower ™ fixtures (which use the energy of the water flowing through them to recharge their batteries) to reduce water consumption by 21%. Water fountains which allow students to refill water bottles are included to encourage students to use reusable bottles.


Breakdown of the points earned for energy and atmosphere

Barto Hall uses a combination of solar energy, in the form of photovoltaic cells and roof mounted evacuated tube solar collectors which preheat water to reduce energy demand. The elevators make use of EcoDisc motors to reduce and recover energy when the elevator is used.



Breakdown of the points earned for materials and resources

Barto Hall reused more than 75% of the original structure, recycling and reusing the majority of the concrete, wood, metal and gypsum board in the original Barto Hall.



Breakdown of the points earned for indoor environmental quality

Rain gardens placed around Barto Hall collect runoff in order to redirect it from the stormwater drain system and allow it to infiltrate into the local water table. Drought resistant plants reduce the need to water.