CWU Sustainability

CWU Council on Investor Responsibility


The CWU Council on Investor Responsibility (CIR) advises the University, through the office of the CFO, regarding environmental and social governance (ESG) concerns that might influence the management of the University's investments.


  • Provide transparency to University investment holdings and decisions
  • Advise on relevant ESG-related investing issues to ensure the Universities holdings match its mission and values
  • Provide continuity and institutional memory on relevant policy issues
  • Advise the VP of Business and Financial Affairs on socially responsible investment policy issues by proposing written policies for the Board of Trustees’ consideration
  • Coordinate and facilitate communication, education, research, and engagement with the CWU community on relevant ESG policy issues
  • Receive issues and proposals from the CWU community


The Council on Investor Responsibility aims for broad and representative membership, with student, staff, and faculty representation. The council chair is elected by the council members in March and serves for a term of one academic year.

2022-2023 Chair: : Toni Sipic, Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Economics,

Name Role and Department
Toni Sipic, PhD

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Economics

Han Donker, PhD Professor and Department Chair, Department of Accounting
Patrick Stanton Executive Director of Finance, Accounting & Financial Services
Cassie Koefod Lecturer, Department of Economics
Christopher Huss Financial Systems Functional Manager, Accounting Office
Jeff Bousson Sustainability Officer, University Operations
Kelly Minor Fiscal Analyst 4, Grants, Contracts, Investments & Fixed Assets
Deanna Marshall Advisor & Recruiter, Academic Advising
Kameron Eck Undergraduate Student, Environmental Sciences
Jaap Donker Undergraduate Student, Accounting, Economics, Finance
Nye Tenerelli Running Start Student
Betty Mittelsteadt Graduate Student, Cultural and Environmental Resource Management
Jeremy Rexus Undergraduate Student, Economics, Finance
Genevieve Doshier Administrative Assistant, Business Auxiliary Services
Dave Owen Retirement Plan Consultant, SCS
Thomas Tenerelli,PhD Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Supply Chain
Traci Klein Director, Benefits and Human Resources Operations


The CWU Council on Investor Responsibility will meet quarterly, at a minimum, during the academic year. To attend the next CIR meeting, please contact Dr. Toni Sipic at


Meeting dates, agendas and minutes will be posted on the CWU Sustainability website. Annual reporting of progress will be made to Chief Financial Officer/VP for Business and Financial Affairs.

Invitation to CWU Students

The CWU Council on Investor Responsibility invites interested CWU students to join us on a project evaluating the university's investments along environmental, social, and governance metrics. Students will have the opportunity to study financial investments in stocks and bonds and analyze the ESG performance using latest financial and statistical modeling. They will have access to financial and ESG databases such as ISS and CRSP. Students will collaborate with faculty, staff, and their peers on the project. We hope the results of our analysis will inform university investment policies and assist us in reaching our shared sustainability goals.

If you are interested in joining, please email Dr. Toni Sipic at