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Student Union and Recreation Center

John Drinkwater Leadership Scholarship

(April 25, 2019) As CWU launches the annual CWU Day of Giving April 26-27, one of the many opportunities to give back is through the John Drinkwater Leadership Scholarship.  

John Drinkwater was a student at CWU in the late 1960s and began his professional career at CWU in 1975 as an advisor to student government. Anyone involved with student leadership or activities at Central came to know John, whose role expanded to director of Student Activities and later Senior Director of Campus Life and Student Facility Development before his retirement in 2010.   

John played a major role in placing students at the table with campus administrators and decision makers. An example of his philosophy fully realized is the state of the art Student Union and Recreation Center, a collaborative project many years in the making. The award-winning project was fully realized through John's advocacy for the involvement of students as major stakeholders in developing "their" building with multiple campus partners. 

"Students need to have a voice and input," said John.  "What was most important was that students were respected and part of the process."

The John Drinkwater Scholarship was established to support a high level of student involvement. He hopes this scholarship will "Free students up a little bit, and give them an opportunity to get more involved in what they're passionate about." The scholarship is open to students serving in leadership positions or involved with student clubs and organizations. 

You can help support this vision through a one-time or recurring gift, in any amount. Please go to the GIVE page and enter "John Drinkwater" in the search bar. 



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