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SURC Accounting

Expense Forms


Expense forms are used in the event that money is being released from a Club/Organization account in a non-cash transaction.

Expense forms can authorize the release of funds for:

  •  A transfer of funds from one Club or Organization to a different Club or Organization
  •  Payments for on campus services such as Scheduling, Motor Pool, Catering, or Duplicating.
  •  Check request in payment of larger purchases or services provided
  •  Advances  and reimbursements larger than $200.00 (The rules of a cash advances and reimbursements still apply to check advances)

For on campus charges, an expense form must be completed prior to the purchase with the department.

For Scheduling, Catering, Duplicating and Publishing an estimate will need to be obtained from the respective department and brought to SURC Accounting to approve and hold those funds for payment.

Motor Pool estimates can be obtained in the SURC Accounting office. Once an estimate has been received and an expense form is completed a copy of the receipt can be brought to facilities for the reservation of a vehicle.

Check requests can be requested for payment for billed services or advances over the amount of $200.00. An address is required for all checks cut by the University. Checks can be marked “Do Not Mail” for pickup at the cashiers’ office under emergency situations only.

In order to allow time to process the check, a minimum advance notice of 3 days is required for all check requests to be cut. The three day notice is from the time of the second signature on the expense form.

To authorize the release of funds, two Club/Organization signatories must approve the transaction. The expense form will stay in the SURC Accounting office as the signatories must be verified with photo identification (Government ID or CWU Connection Card) against the signatory list held in the Club/Organization file in SURC Accounting.